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A Nighttime Encounter
A Nighttime Encounter Title
ca. 1850 (late Edo) Period
95.743 Accession
japan, japanese, asia, asian, osaka, print, woodblock, edo, night, play, encounter, yoshikuni Tags
A Poetry Reading
A Poetry Reading Title
ca. 1873-1891 (Meiji) Period
95.157 Accession
poetry, japan, japanese, asia, sparrows, birds, print, woodblock, haiku, bird, baby Tags
Bowl Mounted with Two Fish
Bowl Mounted with Two Fish Title
Bowl: 1730-1740; Fish: early 18th century; Mounts: 1745-1749 (Qing dynasty (1644-1911)) Period
49.2266 Accession
asia, blue, fish Tags
Byodo-in Temple in Winter
Byodo-in Temple in Winter Title
1860-1870 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.148 Accession
calming, money, snow, winter, cool, love, awesome, beautiful, aww, warm, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, fogy, nice, peaceful, cold, reilgion, epic, simple, lovely, tree, house, neat, snowy, pretty, death, kamari, mountain, temple, clouds, screen, kyoto, wow, great, sad, prettyish, white, japan, war, frozen, ice, icecream, art, barn, goldy, asia, living, cat, chilly, falling, sleep, home, panel, baby, dragon, blood Tags
Plaque with a Female Figure
Plaque with a Female Figure Title
4th century (Late Antique) Period
71.34 Accession
asia, minor Tags