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A Nighttime Encounter
A Nighttime Encounter Title
ca. 1850 (late Edo) Period
95.743 Accession
japan, japanese, asia, asian, osaka, print, woodblock, edo, night, play, encounter, yoshikuni Tags
Blossoming Cherry Trees
Blossoming Cherry Trees Title
ca. 1600-1650 (Momoyama or Edo) Period
35.113 Accession
amazing, battle, beautiful, hope, nice, tree, library, home, lonely, love, cool, lovely, outdoors, trees, inspiring, calm, japenese, cherry, cherrytree, cherryful, great, cherries, beauty, nature, sleepy, peaceful, different, pretty, good, relaxing, flowing, prettyish, dark, plant, asian, art, sketch, calming, flowingly, open, minded, white, bass, cats, cute, pink, living, flower, awesome, wonderful, daisy, epic, lamb, little, black, old, cow, wow, picture, poor, looks, artistic, artwork, new, refreshing, windy, stylish, really, baby, map, ink, gold Tags
Box with a Monkey Posing as a Collector
Box with a Monkey Posing as a Collector Title
late 19th century (late Edo-Meiji) Period
53.93 Accession
box, japanese, monkey, asian, creature Tags
Buddha Preaching in Sankassa
Buddha Preaching in Sankassa Title
19th century (Rattanakosin) Period
2010.12.31 Accession
asian, thailand Tags
Iridescent Iron-Rust Vase
Iridescent Iron-Rust Vase Title
1889-1896 Period
37.2828 Accession
prang, lithograph, vase, asian Tags
Spice Cellar in the Shape of a Ship
Spice Cellar in the Shape of a Ship Title
ca. 1400 Period
54.2501 Accession
ship, spices, wheels, italian, seafever, asian, eurpoe, europe, spicetrade Tags
Suikoden gohen
Suikoden gohen Title
1850 (late Edo) Period
95.78 Accession
man, dog, war, asian, awesome, spots, art, pencil Tags