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Bear Attacked by Dogs
Bear Attacked by Dogs Title
modeled 1834-1839; first cast ca. 1870 Period
27.156 Accession
bear, dogs, action, attack, sculpture, bronze, creature Tags
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl Title
19th century Period
27.78 Accession
bear, owl, eating, attack, sculpture, animals, bronze, creature Tags
Boar Hunt in Spring
Boar Hunt in Spring Title
early 19th century Period
43.21 Accession
boar, dogs, hunt, spring, landscape, attack, creature, figtree, micromosaic Tags
Hawk Attacking Ducks
Hawk Attacking Ducks Title
1862 Period
37.1604 Accession
birds, attack, action, drawing, animals, nature Tags
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile Title
ca. 1650 Period
W.887 Accession
awesome, clarisse, better, fish, god, ouch, ocean, creature, king, art, animals, bloody, sweet, giraffe, great, battle, beauty, elephant, amazing, touching, educational, imaginative, prettyish, scary, okay, cool, croc, love, sad, blood, war, danger, birds, worship, faithfull, pretty, miniature, colorful, sitting, creative, funny, beaked, attack, deathbattle, artifact, wow, tag, animal-attack, viking, knoing, indian, so_many_flowers, death, evil, flowers, butterfly, lion, masud Tags