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"Homme au tutu"
"Homme au tutu" Title
n.d. Period
37.2792 Accession
ballet, bizarre, campy, drawing, man, tutu, watercolor, creature, creepy, shoes, wings, boots, beard, gesture, crossdresser, hare, silly, baby, slim Tags
A Bon Vinaigre
A Bon Vinaigre Title
1859 Period
37.1462 Accession
watercolor, french, drawing, children, walking, grace, aww, hope, fence, piggyback, responsibility, sacrifice, baby Tags
A Poetry Reading
A Poetry Reading Title
ca. 1873-1891 (Meiji) Period
95.157 Accession
poetry, japan, japanese, asia, sparrows, birds, print, woodblock, haiku, bird, baby Tags
Adoration of the Shepherds
Adoration of the Shepherds Title
ca. 1615 (Baroque) Period
37.277 Accession
genoese, tenebrusm, respect, franciscan, chiaroscuro, tenebrism, baby, csa, visitors, notallbabies, navidad Tags
Album of 16 Paintings
Album of 16 Paintings Title
1867 Period
35.101 Accession
flower, bird, pink, blue, baby, flowers, dog, word Tags
Alms Title
19th century Period
37.1346 Accession
hope, girl, woman, drawing, watercolor, mother, baby, aww, love Tags
Angel Holding Two Infants
Angel Holding Two Infants Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1345 Accession
angel, children, baby, fish Tags
Balkan Woman with Guns Tending a Baby
Balkan Woman with Guns Tending a Baby Title
ca. 1867 (?) Period
37.1410 Accession
gun, baby, woman, watercolor, albanianwoman, albaniancostumes Tags
Bangle Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet Title
1860-1869 Period
57.2142 Accession
pipe, enamel, gold, diamonds, pelican, bird, christian, lousiana, confederate, baby Tags
Bird Title
ca. 3000 BCE Period
42.1460 Accession
creature, animal, bird, fat, looking, baby Tags
Bird Title
ca. 3000 BCE Period
42.1454 Accession
creature, bird, steak, baby Tags
Blossoming Cherry Trees
Blossoming Cherry Trees Title
ca. 1600-1650 (Momoyama or Edo) Period
35.113 Accession
amazing, battle, beautiful, hope, nice, tree, library, home, lonely, love, cool, lovely, outdoors, trees, inspiring, calm, japenese, cherry, cherrytree, cherryful, great, cherries, beauty, nature, sleepy, peaceful, different, pretty, good, relaxing, flowing, prettyish, dark, plant, asian, art, sketch, calming, flowingly, open, minded, white, bass, cats, cute, pink, living, flower, awesome, wonderful, daisy, epic, lamb, little, black, old, cow, wow, picture, poor, looks, artistic, artwork, new, refreshing, windy, stylish, really, baby, map, ink, gold Tags
Bodkin Case
Bodkin Case Title
late 18th century Period
57.769 Accession
gold, enamel, case, child, bird, cherub, creature, baby Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
late 15th century (Renaissance) Period
W.295 Accession
pray, baby, donkey, red, nativity Tags
Brittany Interior
Brittany Interior Title
1834-1905 Period
37.956 Accession
baby, love Tags
Byodo-in Temple in Winter
Byodo-in Temple in Winter Title
1860-1870 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.148 Accession
calming, money, snow, winter, cool, love, awesome, beautiful, aww, warm, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, fogy, nice, peaceful, cold, reilgion, epic, simple, lovely, tree, house, neat, snowy, pretty, death, kamari, mountain, temple, clouds, screen, kyoto, wow, great, sad, prettyish, white, japan, war, frozen, ice, icecream, art, barn, goldy, asia, living, cat, chilly, falling, sleep, home, panel, baby, dragon, blood Tags
Charles Dikran Kelekian
Charles Dikran Kelekian Title
1910 Period
37.2656 Accession
art, boy, charles, dikran, great, work, hat, awesome, portrait, mary, cassatt, fine, dignified, squinty-nose, drawing, impressionism, american, kind, nice, japonisme, cool, fabulous, good, lonely, unfinished, royal, sad, detailed, self-portrait, gloomy, incomplete, handsome, interesting, beautiful, fashion, games, love, ladies, realistic, neat, amazing, cute, normal, but, look, color, happy, baby, tie, kiss, expressive, discoveries602 Tags
Child Title
1st century BCE-1st century CE Period
54.1110 Accession
baby, cute, boy Tags
Children's Orchestra
Children's Orchestra Title
1861 Period
37.1274 Accession
children, drawing, cute, music, intruments, singing, dogs, animals, creature, fish, baby Tags
Crow Title
1775-1825 (late Edo) Period
52.159 Accession
creature, raven, bird, baby, monster Tags
Disappointment Title
19th century Period
37.56 Accession
baby, playful, cat, animal, cute Tags
Dove Title
ca. 3000 BCE Period
42.1463 Accession
creature, bird, cute, swan, dove, baby Tags
Eagle Carrying Off a Snake
Eagle Carrying Off a Snake Title
19th century Period
27.104 Accession
eagle, snake, bird, sculpture, bronze, creature, baby Tags
Eagle Holding a Heron (first version)
Eagle Holding a Heron (first version) Title
first issued 1857 Period
27.146 Accession
eagle, heron, bird, animals, action, sculpture, bronze, baby Tags
Falcon Figure with Falcon Mummy
Falcon Figure with Falcon Mummy Title
5th-4th century BCE (Late Period-Ptolemaic) Period
54.2120 Accession
bird, bronze, library, creature, baby Tags
Female Effigy Figure
Female Effigy Figure Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.87 Accession
colombia, gold, effigy, baby Tags
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel Title
2nd-3rd century (Roman) Period
43.19 Accession
dog, dogs, fish, water, cat, cats, cow, lamb, cows, lambs, sheep, baby, art, mom, body Tags
Floor Mosaic with Partridge
Floor Mosaic with Partridge Title
2nd-3rd century (Roman) Period
43.18 Accession
bird, tiles, creature, roman, mosaic, bow, dark, monkey, cool, awesome, old, art, gun, baby, monkeyart Tags
Gallic Rooster
Gallic Rooster Title
ca. 1880 Period
48.2537 Accession
rooster, bird, animal, ceramic, sculpture, baby Tags
Hawk; Falcon
Hawk; Falcon Title
3rd-late 1st century BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
22.343 Accession
hawk, falcon, bird, baby Tags
Hawk; Falcon
Hawk; Falcon Title
1976-1794 BCE (Middle Kingdom) Period
42.225 Accession
bird, baby, pink Tags
Hippopotamus Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.355 Accession
green, creature, cute, hippo, baby, chubby, nephrite, faberge Tags
Imperial Eagle
Imperial Eagle Title
4th-5th century (Late Antique) Period
42.1406 Accession
royalty, creature, blue, bird, baby, byzvir Tags
Interior with Mother and Daughter
Interior with Mother and Daughter Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1610 Accession
woman, child, girl, family, basket, sweet, drawing, mother, door, window, vase, table, baby Tags
Interior with Woman Teaching Child to Pray
Interior with Woman Teaching Child to Pray Title
1819-1886 Period
37.1404 Accession
drawing, family, woman, children, teaching, play, mother, baby Tags
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child
Italian Peasant Kneeling with Child Title
1825-1905 Period
37.1380 Accession
italian, peasant, child, baby, woman, religion, sleep, french, mother, iove, love Tags
Madonna of the Candelabra
Madonna of the Candelabra Title
ca. 1513 (Renaissance) Period
37.484 Accession
baby, child, halo, madonna, mother, postcards, from, walters, usps, stamp, virgin, christmas, christ, teachersandstudents Tags
Mold for a Heron Plaque
Mold for a Heron Plaque Title
2nd-1st century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
22.284 Accession
creature, heron, bird, mold, limestone, nile, afterlife, sun, flooding, egypt, egyptian, greco-roman, baby, underfire, phonewallpapers Tags
Old Man and Baby
Old Man and Baby Title
1880-1899 Period
37.658 Accession
old, man, child, baby, play, family, toy Tags
Pair of Parakeets
Pair of Parakeets Title
early 20th century Period
57.1912 Accession
creature, animals, faberge, birds, tropical, topaz, gold, sculpture, animal, pretty, baby Tags
Puppies under a Maple Branch
Puppies under a Maple Branch Title
ca. 1790 (Edo) Period
35.74 Accession
snow, scketch, lovely, leaves, hanging, japan, calm, playful, soft, sweet, adorable, long, red, tree, creature, edo, dogs, cute, pigs, sit, catching, without-movement, still, plain, realistic, amazing, puppies, awesome, siky, royal, silky, silly, cool, wolf, calming, feeding, aww, funny, love, black, white, farmer, super, pretty, party, creative, play, dance, fun, nude, epic, happy, painting, colorful, made, gods, creatures, greek, peaceful, inspiring, corn, simple, look, bears, baby, sketch Tags
Quail Incense Burner
Quail Incense Burner Title
1700-1772 (Edo) Period
54.1367 Accession
creature, bird, animal, beak, black, feather, kamejo, japanese, metal, bronze , baby Tags
The Adoration of the Three Kings
The Adoration of the Three Kings Title
ca. 1525-1530 (Renaissance) Period
37.261 Accession
face, magi, african, angels, family, baby, renaissance, oil, csa, reyes, encountering, landscapes, navidad, africanancestryineuropeanart Tags
Tiger at Rest
Tiger at Rest Title
ca. 1830s-1840s Period
37.834 Accession
cat, library, squirrel, rest, creature, adorable, laying, lay, stripes, puff, fluff, fast, faster, fastcat, big, runnercat, fabulous, gorgeous, cool, wow, puppy, amazing, black, love, baby, bee, boy, duck, small, good, god, mermaid, huge Tags
Virgin and Child Enthroned
Virgin and Child Enthroned Title
ca. 1515-1520 (Early Modern) Period
37.773 Accession
enthroned, baby, marble, flemish, renaissance, chiaroscuro, high-hairline, balance, central-vanishingpoint, coffered-vault, pyramid, wuelve, oil, uglybaby, notallbabies Tags
Virgin and Child in a Landscape
Virgin and Child in a Landscape Title
ca. 1600 (Late Renaissance) Period
37.383 Accession
baby, madonna Tags
War Title
1872 Period
37.124 Accession
century, allegory, baby, belgium, blood, child, coins, dog, gun, painting, war, peace, woman, creepy, sad, perilousfight, mother, death, uglybaby, notallbabies, disease Tags
Weaving Tool
Weaving Tool Title
AD 200-1520 (?) Period
71.1215 Accession
creature, bird, tool, weaving, baby Tags
Weaving Tool
Weaving Tool Title
AD 200-1520 (?) Period
71.1216 Accession
creature, bird, tool, drunk, beer, cobblestone, enderdragon, weaving, baby Tags