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Beach at Cape May
Beach at Cape May Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.2675 Accession
newjersey, american, beach, dog, men, drawing, insects, creature, mosquitoes Tags
Beach Scene
Beach Scene Title
after 1854 Period
37.2379 Accession
beach, boats, landscape, villerville Tags
Block Island, RI
Block Island, RI Title
19th century Period
37.2459 Accession
american, beach, boat, ship, sea, ocean, rocks, landscape, sunrise, waves, rhodeisland, blockisland Tags
Coast near Villers
Coast near Villers Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.993 Accession
century, baskets, coast, france, gun, horses, painting, sand, sea, troyon, beach, ocean, seafever, msd4419 Tags
Figure on Beach, Holland
Figure on Beach, Holland Title
ca. 1900 Period
37.2742 Accession
beach Tags
The Sheepfold, Moonlight
The Sheepfold, Moonlight Title
1856-1860 Period
37.30 Accession
creature, moon, nocturnal, sheep, shepherd, pasture, evening, dusk, light, mysterious, beach, lonely, dog Tags