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"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief)
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief) Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.15 Accession
american, feather, indian, deerskin, necklace, watercolor, woman, native, earrings, headdress, beads, portrait, chief, nativeamerican, crow, aztec, jewelry, ivoryfigurines, ivory, encountering Tags
Beads Title
7th-6th century BCE (Orientalizing-Archaic) Period
57.405 Accession
necklace, gold, silver, beads, etruscan, jewelry, shining Tags
Ceremonial Headdress
Ceremonial Headdress Title
19th century (Ch'ing) Period
86.3 Accession
china, hat, lady, hair, beads, colorful, pearls Tags
Cheetah-Head Spacer Bead
Cheetah-Head Spacer Bead Title
1976-1783 BCE (Middle Kingdom) Period
57.1980 Accession
creature, beads, pink, cheetah, ancient, treasury, egypt, amethyst , gold, tiger, cute, adorable, sumerian Tags
Knife and Fork
Knife and Fork Title
early 18th century Period
57.1806 Accession
utensils, beads, duth, dutch Tags
Necklace Title
4th-3rd century BC (Hellenistic) Period
57.1547 Accession
white-and-brown , child, beads, loops, chain, glass , hellenistic, greek, necklace Tags