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Bear and Gladiator
Bear and Gladiator Title
ca. 1885-1890 Period
27.515 Accession
sculpture, terracotta, man, bear, animal, action, gladiator, fight, creature Tags
Bear Attacked by Dogs
Bear Attacked by Dogs Title
modeled 1834-1839; first cast ca. 1870 Period
27.156 Accession
bear, dogs, action, attack, sculpture, bronze, creature Tags
Bear in a Trough
Bear in a Trough Title
modeled 1832; cast 1876-1889 Period
27.111 Accession
bear, eating, cute, bronze, sculpture, animal, creature Tags
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl Title
19th century Period
27.78 Accession
bear, owl, eating, attack, sculpture, animals, bronze, creature Tags
Bear Standing Upright
Bear Standing Upright Title
19th century Period
27.137 Accession
bear, animal, sculpture, bronze, creature Tags
Lion Attacking a Boar
Lion Attacking a Boar Title
1834-1838 Period
37.2228 Accession
lion, bear, animals, drawing, boar Tags
Standing Bear
Standing Bear Title
first cast ca. 1857 Period
27.98 Accession
creature, bear Tags
Two Bears Wrestling
Two Bears Wrestling Title
modeled ca. 1833; first cast 1833 Period
27.77 Accession
bear, wrestling Tags