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Bird Plaque
Bird Plaque Title
AD 200-1520 (?) Period
71.1220 Accession
bone, peru, bird, fish, creature, tarascan Tags
Coffer Title
12th century (Medieval) Period
71.310 Accession
bone, ivory, lid, coffer, islamic, muslim, italian, italy, palermo Tags
Pendant with a Monk and Death
Pendant with a Monk and Death Title
c. 1525-50 (Renaissance) Period
71.461 Accession
macabre, death, ouch, skull, momentomori, mementomori, monk, bone, ivory, skullsandbones, necklace, bead, beard Tags
Whale-Bone Plaque
Whale-Bone Plaque Title
8th-late 9th century (Medieval) Period
71.1169 Accession
bone, jewish, viking, sdesmv Tags