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"Vanitas" Still Life
"Vanitas" Still Life Title
ca. 1665 (Baroque) Period
37.682 Accession
death, globe, mortality, symbolic, book, hourglass, pen, books, vanitas, philosophy, skullsandbones, armant, ruysch Tags
Abridgment of the Book of Kings (Shahnama)
Abridgment of the Book of Kings (Shahnama) Title
13th century AH/AD 19th century Period
W.597 Accession
book, islamic, camel, 641 Tags
Alphabet Book
Alphabet Book Title
16th century (Renaissance) Period
W.200 Accession
gold, creature, butterfly, insect, iris, flower, paint , parchment , book, renaissance, ink, beautiful, flowers, abc Tags
Angel Title
1740-1760 Period
27.571 Accession
angel, sculpture, wood, book, hope Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
ca. 1300 (Gothic) Period
W.102 Accession
book, gothic, bell Tags
Bracelet Title
ca. 1840 Period
57.2189 Accession
book, bracelet, dog, social, object, green Tags
Cologne Psalter-Hours
Cologne Psalter-Hours Title
late 13th century (Medieval) Period
W.41 Accession
book, oldbook Tags
Funeral Stele
Funeral Stele Title
1400-1350 BCE (?) (New Kingdom (?)) Period
22.155 Accession
book, dead Tags
Melk missal
Melk missal Title
late 12th-early 13th century (Medieval) Period
W.33 Accession
jesus, book, christian Tags
Portrait of a Scholar or Preacher
Portrait of a Scholar or Preacher Title
1529 (Renaissance) Period
37.249 Accession
scholar, book, ring, hands, black, blue, beard, cap, eyes, preacher Tags
Portrait of Girolamo Mercuriale
Portrait of Girolamo Mercuriale Title
1588-1589 (Renaissance) Period
37.1106 Accession
bolognese, female, book, renaissance, mannerism Tags
Saint John the Baptist and Saint James the Great
Saint John the Baptist and Saint James the Great Title
1423-1424 (Renaissance) Period
37.632 Accession
james, pilgrim, scroll, book Tags
Yusuf and Zulaykha
Yusuf and Zulaykha Title
1190 AH/AD 1776 Period
W.647 Accession
book, cabinets Tags