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"La Source" Pendant and Necklace
"La Source" Pendant and Necklace Title
ca. 1902 Period
57.941 Accession
french, jewelry, nouveau, woman, flowers, grace, amber, games, buddha, miners, nudes, flower, necklace, pendant, lalique, enamel Tags
Bodhisattva Title
10th century Period
54.3026 Accession
amoghapasha, halo, arrows, bow, archery, sagittarius, buddha, cool, bodhisattva Tags
Buddha Title
ca. 590 (Sui) Period
25.9 Accession
amitabha, buddha, china, enlightened, medieval, meditation, oldest, sakyamuni, sculpture, zen, teacher, resourcekit, resource, kit, seated, laquer, lacquer, overthetop, discoveries602, reninstmed, reninstasia Tags
Buddha Title
ca. 600 Period
54.3025 Accession
top, shining, big-ears, smile, buddhism, indian, lotus, sit, buddha, bronze , peace, lotos Tags
Buddha Title
16th century (Joseon) Period
61.277 Accession
buddha, korea, wood, korean, gold, carving, sculpture, figure, choson-dynasty Tags
Buddha Preaching
Buddha Preaching Title
3rd century CE Period
25.266 Accession
top, buddha, bain, chinese1127, strikeapose, gandhara, schist, urna, ushnisha, drapery, buddhist, buddhism, gandharan, sculpture, smvaw, reninstaw, reninstasia Tags
Buddha Vajrasattva
Buddha Vajrasattva Title
14th century Period
54.3093 Accession
buddhist, tibet , buddha, sculpture, brass, painted Tags
Death of the Buddha
Death of the Buddha Title
ca. 2nd century century (Kushan) Period
25.56 Accession
horizontal, buddha Tags
Green Tara
Green Tara Title
1160s-1180s Period
F.112 Accession
tibetan, thangka, tangka, tara, buddha, buddhist, greentara, tibet Tags
Head of the Buddha
Head of the Buddha Title
4th-5th century Period
25.243 Accession
buddha, head Tags
Locket with Two Buddhist Deities
Locket with Two Buddhist Deities Title
13th century (Kamakura) Period
61.278 Accession
buddha Tags
Mandala of Vasudhara
Mandala of Vasudhara Title
early 15th century Period
F.143 Accession
mandala, mandalaofvasudhara, buddha, boddhisatva, nepal, nepalese, yaksha, vasudhara, goddessvasudhara, harvest, autumn, festival, 15thcentury Tags
Seated Buddha in "Maravijaya"
Seated Buddha in "Maravijaya" Title
15th century Period
54.2773 Accession
buddha Tags
Standing Bodhisattva
Standing Bodhisattva Title
n.d. Period
25.5 Accession
buddha Tags
Standing Figure
Standing Figure Title
5th-7th century (Dvaravati) Period
25.72 Accession
buddha Tags