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"Baule" Shaped Earring with Human and Bull Heads
"Baule" Shaped Earring with Human and Bull Heads Title
6th-5th century BCE (Archaic-Classical) Period
57.411 Accession
jewelry, etruscan, gold, bull, ring, silver Tags
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt
"Surtout de table": Wild Bull Hunt Title
1834-1838 Period
27.178 Accession
jesus, bull, animal, hunt, bronze, sculpture, creature, grace, aww, cool, hope, leaves, armour, shield, horse, flowers, tothehunt, dogsinart Tags
Bull Title
ca. 700 BC (Late Geometric) Period
54.2379 Accession
bull, creature, greek, bronze, abstract Tags
Bull on the Defensive
Bull on the Defensive Title
19th century Period
27.41 Accession
bull, sculpture, bronze, animal Tags
Bull's Head
Bull's Head Title
1550-1185 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
42.191 Accession
bull Tags
Bull's Head Amulet
Bull's Head Amulet Title
ca. 3000 BCE (Prololiterate) Period
42.1458 Accession
creature, amulet, bull, head, create, cow Tags
Bull's Head Protoma
Bull's Head Protoma Title
2nd century BCE-2nd century CE Period
21.40 Accession
bull, creature Tags
Figure of the Apis Bull
Figure of the Apis Bull Title
6th century BCE (Late Period) Period
54.538 Accession
bull, creature Tags
Head of a Bull
Head of a Bull Title
8th-7th century BC (Iron Age) Period
54.791 Accession
bull, creature Tags
Head of a Large Bull Figure
Head of a Large Bull Figure Title
1st-2nd century CE Period
21.62 Accession
bull, creature, reyes Tags
Mace Head
Mace Head Title
1st century BCE-1st century CE Period
21.14 Accession
bull, creature Tags
Ragini Bhairavi
Ragini Bhairavi Title
1600-1625 Period
W.875 Accession
painting, big, flowers, god, mushroom, fish, ragamala, temple, bird, lady, cool, awesome, power, indian, game, sea, beauty, nice, women, teatime, cold, strange, beautiful, cultural, vegetables, jellyfish, peace, bloody, islam, prettyish, kinglike, silent, song, pretty, spritual, kiss, take, back, pool, old, funny, raga, love, artifact, crawford, tea-party, viking, ragini, blood, dao, bee, good, art, tea, peaceful, colorful, bull, slave, nacket, fun, minemoues, work, water, tape, spring, dam, tree, war Tags
Sacred Bull
Sacred Bull Title
late 4th-3rd millennium BCE Period
54.1671 Accession
creature, bull, funerary Tags
Single Leaf of a Nilgai
Single Leaf of a Nilgai Title
1625-1650 (Mughal) Period
W.865 Accession
nilgai, tragocamelus, bull, creature, animal Tags