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Buddha Title
16th century (Joseon) Period
61.277 Accession
buddha, korea, wood, korean, gold, carving, sculpture, figure, choson-dynasty Tags
Cameo with Noah's Ark
Cameo with Noah's Ark Title
ca. 1600 (Baroque) Period
42.1447 Accession
animals, boat, elephants, camels, primates, ark, carving, noah, mythology, blue, renaissance, mannerism, baroque Tags
Cupboard Doors
Cupboard Doors Title
5th-7th century (Late Antique) Period
61.303 Accession
antique, eagles, rosettes, cabinet, carving, cupboard, antique, wood, doors Tags
Leaf from Hokusai Manga
Leaf from Hokusai Manga Title
1814 (?) (late Edo) Period
95.151 Accession
woodblock, print, japan, japanese, trees, drawing, carving, hokusai, manga Tags