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Amphora with Musical Scene
Amphora with Musical Scene Title
460-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2712 Accession
dionysus, greek, music, domestic, niobid, pottery, athens, women, amphora, re-figure, red-figure, italianpaintings, italian, barbiton, losthero, maenads, classical, severe, smvaw Tags
Double Oval Snuffbox
Double Oval Snuffbox Title
1770-1779 Period
57.101 Accession
gold, enamel, classical, box Tags
Feast of Cybele
Feast of Cybele Title
ca. 1804 Period
27.368 Accession
feast, classical, terracotta, scupture, sculpture, relief Tags
Folding Fan and Case
Folding Fan and Case Title
ca. 1760 Period
86.6 Accession
fan, watercolor, french, classical Tags
Nolan Amphora with Woman and Mantled Youth
Nolan Amphora with Woman and Mantled Youth Title
ca. 460-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.54 Accession
amphora, achilles, painter, classical, greek, terracotta Tags
Volute Krater for a Warrior
Volute Krater for a Warrior Title
ca. 320-310 BCE (Early Hellenistic) Period
48.86 Accession
krater, classical, greek, hades Tags