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Amnon Attacking Tamar
Amnon Attacking Tamar Title
ca. 1520 (Renaissance) Period
37.779 Accession
bedroom, clock, flemish, deceit, amnon, bible, tamar Tags
An Accident
An Accident Title
1879 Period
37.49 Accession
accident, genre, painting, ouch, realism, cat, clock, shoes, blood, bloody, dark, tree Tags
Clock in the Form of an Urn
Clock in the Form of an Urn Title
1580-1600 (Renaissance) Period
58.217 Accession
silver, relief, clock Tags
Mandolin-Shaped Watch
Mandolin-Shaped Watch Title
1830-1835 Period
58.34 Accession
mandolin, watch, music, instrument, clock, time Tags
Mantel Clock in the Form of a Lyre
Mantel Clock in the Form of a Lyre Title
ca. 1780-1800 Period
58.232 Accession
clock, instrument, bronze, zodiac, sevres, lyre Tags
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum Title
ca. 1250-1200 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
32.9 Accession
article, clothing, egypt, crystal sandoval, lady, look, egyptian, days, she, under, stand, name, loser, neither, wish, tell, nice, painting, stone, wow, beauty, pretty, bat, evil, devil, old, heaven, night, broken, musician, cool, writing, serious, ruler, awesome, heiroglyphics, oil, beer, nude, hay, play, animal, jam, user, cow, food, clothes, weirdo, strange, musical, instrument, clock, hope, art, original, pants, site, game, woman, women, love, greatness, flower, dream, beautiful, fragment, rock, profile, cleo, faded, clay, god, creepy, sideways, cloth, muddrawing, cute, huge, small, colorful, fragments, hair, moon, ancient, egyptain, religon, but, bright, spanish, french, sizes, couple, kiss, lovely, mud, warrior, wall-painting, peyton, joel, big_painting, vintage, oldtownroad, ancientegypt, phonewallpapers Tags