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Coral Bracelet
Coral Bracelet Title
1860-1869 Period
57.1887 Accession
coral, gold, jewelry, bacchus, myth, gods, treasury Tags
Fuchi with Tree Peony
Fuchi with Tree Peony Title
ca. 1800-1825 (late Edo) Period
51.1098 Accession
hannya, coral Tags
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral Title
18th-19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
57.1344 Accession
creature, octopus, silver, japanese, coral, netsuke Tags
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant Title
1900-1910 Period
57.2034 Accession
tiffany, necklace, pearl, sautoir, jewelry, coral, conch Tags