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Angelica and Medoro
Angelica and Medoro Title
ca. 1720-1750 (Baroque) Period
37.414 Accession
cupid, honeymoon, love, erotic, roman, epic Tags
Circular Box with Venus and Cupid
Circular Box with Venus and Cupid Title
1760-1780 Period
57.118 Accession
box, myth, venus, cupid Tags
Eros Title
1st century BCE-2nd century CE Period
54.1182 Accession
cupid Tags
Eros Title
1788 Period
27.508 Accession
god, love, cupid, rococo Tags
Lost Illusions
Lost Illusions Title
1865-1867 Period
37.184 Accession
boat, academic, dream, greek, cupid, myth, sombre, seafever, teachersandstudents Tags
Mirror Case with Lovers
Mirror Case with Lovers Title
1340-1350 (Medieval) Period
71.193 Accession
loveandmarriage, garden, cupid Tags
Vase (Vase A de 1780)
Vase (Vase A de 1780) Title
1784 Period
48.580 Accession
sevres, venus, cupid, adonis, boucher Tags
Winged Hypnos
Winged Hypnos Title
4th-3rd century BCE Period
48.291 Accession
sleep, wing, sheep, cupid Tags