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Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Cross Title
1846 Period
37.62 Accession
christ, chross, cross, delacroix, french, new, testament, almatadema, horse, standard, patrickstour Tags
Lion and Snake
Lion and Snake Title
1846 Period
37.1219 Accession
lion, snake, watercolor, animals, delacroix Tags
Monk at Prayer
Monk at Prayer Title
1821 Period
37.1291 Accession
monk, prayer, religion, skull, drawing, delacroix, line Tags
The Children of Niobe Killed by Diana
The Children of Niobe Killed by Diana Title
n.d. Period
37.2786 Accession
children, delacroix, diana, drawing, france, legend, mythology, nude, sketch, apollo, artemis, leto, niobe, oil Tags