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Brooch with Nude
Brooch with Nude Title
ca. 1902 Period
57.944 Accession
lalique, brooch, diamond, amazing, perfect, nude, nouveau Tags
Fern Leaves Brooch
Fern Leaves Brooch Title
1903-1904 Period
57.935 Accession
diamond, paris, leaves, brooch, jewelry, diamonds, nude, lalique, fern, artdeco, silver-gilt Tags
Finger Ring
Finger Ring Title
1750-1800 Period
57.1790 Accession
ring, jewelry, diamond, french, enamel Tags
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I Title
Gun: 1732/33; Miquelet lock: 1861/62 (Ottoman) Period
51.84 Accession
gun, writing, pen, jewels, spoon, diamond, diamonds, sparkly, firearm, hunting, jeweled, bejeweled, tothehunt, price, armenian, discoveries602, pleasegetmoreculturalknowledgeonthis Tags
Owl Pendant
Owl Pendant Title
19th century Period
44.481 Accession
creature, owl, pendant, animal, jewelry, enamel, tourmaline, ruby, gold, diamond, pearl, goldstrapwork, baroquepearls Tags
Pendant Necklace
Pendant Necklace Title
ca. 1910-1915 Period
57.2168 Accession
tiffany, diamond, pendant, necklace, gems Tags
Ring with Floral Motif
Ring with Floral Motif Title
late 18th century Period
57.1776 Accession
diamond, brazil Tags
Ring with Floral Motif
Ring with Floral Motif Title
2nd half 18th century Period
57.1785 Accession
diamond Tags
Stick Pin with Grapes
Stick Pin with Grapes Title
1910 Period
57.1984 Accession
diamond, 19thcentury, grapes Tags
Toilet Bottle
Toilet Bottle Title
2nd-3rd century CE (Roman Imperial) Period
47.410 Accession
diamond Tags