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"Kovsh" with Imperial Eagle
"Kovsh" with Imperial Eagle Title
1899-1903 Period
57.1076 Accession
ladle, jade, russian, ivory, being, nephrite, silver, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds Tags
Bangle Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet Title
1860-1869 Period
57.2142 Accession
pipe, enamel, gold, diamonds, pelican, bird, christian, lousiana, confederate, baby Tags
Evening Bag
Evening Bag Title
early 20th century Period
57.2204 Accession
gold, diamonds, accessory Tags
Fern Leaves Brooch
Fern Leaves Brooch Title
1903-1904 Period
57.935 Accession
diamond, paris, leaves, brooch, jewelry, diamonds, nude, lalique, fern, artdeco, silver-gilt Tags
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I Title
Gun: 1732/33; Miquelet lock: 1861/62 (Ottoman) Period
51.84 Accession
gun, writing, pen, jewels, spoon, diamond, diamonds, sparkly, firearm, hunting, jeweled, bejeweled, tothehunt, price, armenian, discoveries602, pleasegetmoreculturalknowledgeonthis Tags
Marquise Ring with Floral Decor
Marquise Ring with Floral Decor Title
18th century Period
57.1760 Accession
ring, jewelry, diamonds, enamel, silver, flower, floral, flowers Tags
Necklace Title
ca. 1904 Period
57.2121 Accession
tiffany, diamonds, beauty, rosettes, flowers Tags
Openwork Ring
Openwork Ring Title
2nd half 18th century Period
57.1791 Accession
ring, jewelry, diamonds, gold Tags
Openwork Ring
Openwork Ring Title
1750-1800 Period
57.1788 Accession
ring, diamonds, gold, jewelry Tags
Orchid Comb
Orchid Comb Title
1903-1904 Period
57.936 Accession
orchid, flower, jewelry, comb, lalique, ivory, gold, enamel, diamonds, flowers, nouveau Tags
Watch Pendant Painting
Watch Pendant Painting Title
late 19th-early 20th century Period
58.292 Accession
watch, diamonds, pearls, time Tags