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Study for "Diogenes"
Study for "Diogenes" Title
n.d. Period
37.2765 Accession
dog, creature, animal, sketch, dogsinart Tags
Suikoden gohen
Suikoden gohen Title
1850 (late Edo) Period
95.78 Accession
man, dog, war, asian, awesome, spots, art, pencil Tags
The Music Lesson
The Music Lesson Title
ca. 1760 (Baroque) Period
37.397 Accession
pietro, music, lesson, walters, dog, copper, genre, venetian Tags
The Sheepfold, Moonlight
The Sheepfold, Moonlight Title
1856-1860 Period
37.30 Accession
creature, moon, nocturnal, sheep, shepherd, pasture, evening, dusk, light, mysterious, beach, lonely, dog, reninst19 Tags
The Waning Honeymoon
The Waning Honeymoon Title
1878 Period
37.129 Accession
sad, genre, erudition, dog, albany, english, dogsinart Tags
Throwing Snowballs
Throwing Snowballs Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1639 Accession
dog Tags
Tom, the Algerian Greyhound
Tom, the Algerian Greyhound Title
cast 1889 Period
27.476 Accession
creature, greyhound, dog Tags
Vase with Low-Relief Decoration of Bamboo Leaves
Vase with Low-Relief Decoration of Bamboo Leaves Title
ca. 1915 (Taisho) Period
49.2281 Accession
dog Tags
War Title
1872 Period
37.124 Accession
century, allegory, baby, belgium, blood, child, coins, dog, gun, painting, war, peace, woman, creepy, sad, perilousfight, mother, death, uglybaby, notallbabies, disease Tags