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A Cook
A Cook Title
1862 Period
37.1505 Accession
watercolor, eating, food, cook, woman, red, apron, knife, kitchen, copper, basket, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, leek, turnip Tags
Bear in a Trough
Bear in a Trough Title
modeled 1832; cast 1876-1889 Period
27.111 Accession
bear, eating, cute, bronze, sculpture, animal, creature Tags
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl
Bear on a Tree Devouring an Owl Title
19th century Period
27.78 Accession
bear, owl, eating, attack, sculpture, animals, bronze, creature Tags
Boa [Python] Devouring a Doe
Boa [Python] Devouring a Doe Title
19th century Period
37.2073 Accession
drawing, snake, eating, animal Tags
Leopard Eating
Leopard Eating Title
19th century Period
37.828 Accession
leopard, death, eating, watercolor, animal Tags
Lion and Lioness Attacking a Wild Boar
Lion and Lioness Attacking a Wild Boar Title
modeled: ca. 1875; cast: after 1882 Period
54.2472 Accession
creature, lions, animals, death, eating, action, sculpture, bronze Tags
Ocelot Carrying a Heron
Ocelot Carrying a Heron Title
19th century Period
27.131 Accession
cat, bird, animals, death, eating, sculpture, bronze, creature, art Tags
Supper at Emmaus
Supper at Emmaus Title
1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
37.610 Accession
eating, drinking, mountains, encountering, visitors, africanancestryineuropeanart, patrickstour Tags