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Kylix with Sirens
Kylix with Sirens Title
6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
48.37 Accession
awesome, man, greek, make, think, art, lovely, nice, vase, vessel, amazing, cute, pretty, cool, eyes, pat, creature, alexander, bowl, different, artistic, reading, big, wow, beautiful, historic, sweet, round, nothing, dragon, multicolored, mom, tree, bird, makaden, wine, love, strange, wonderful, interesting, old, nude, butterfly Tags
Man's Head with Curled Wig
Man's Head with Curled Wig Title
ca. 2490 BCE (Old Kingdom, early 5th dynasty) Period
22.58 Accession
horrors, eyes, male Tags
Maskette Title
1200-900 BC (Early Formative) Period
48.2773 Accession
pierced, ears, smile, eyes, design Tags
Portrait of a Scholar or Preacher
Portrait of a Scholar or Preacher Title
1529 (Renaissance) Period
37.249 Accession
scholar, book, ring, hands, black, blue, beard, cap, eyes, preacher Tags
Portrait of Julia Domna
Portrait of Julia Domna Title
ca. 200 CE (Roman Imperial) Period
23.210 Accession
septimius, severus, wife, hair, eyes, invincible, encountering Tags