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A Complete Set of Canopic Jars
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars Title
ca. 900-800 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
VO.7 (41.171, 41.172, 41.173, 41.174) Accession
cat, library, squirrel, clay, fish, reconciliation, baboon, jackel, hawk, horus, anubis, teacher, resource, kit, mummy, organs, canopic, funerary, jars, mummification, human, falcon, canopicjars, egypt, afterlife, 11, dogsinart, blob, writer, osnap Tags
Ba Bird
Ba Bird Title
3rd century BC (early Ptolemaic) Period
57.1472 Accession
amulet, egyptian, falcon, gold, winged, fire, phonewallpapers Tags
Hawk; Falcon
Hawk; Falcon Title
3rd-late 1st century BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
22.343 Accession
hawk, falcon, bird, baby Tags
Hawk; Falcon
Hawk; Falcon Title
664-330 BCE (Late Period) Period
42.220 Accession
falcon, creature Tags
Youth with a Falcon
Youth with a Falcon Title
late 10th century AH/AD 16th century-early 11th century AH/AD 17th century (Safavid) Period
W.682 Accession
creature, hat, colorful, pasteboard, leaf, youth, falcon, man, bird, safavid Tags