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Arab Kneeling in Prayer
Arab Kneeling in Prayer Title
ca. 1875 Period
37.1338 Accession
feet Tags
Crucifixion Title
10th century (Medieval) Period
71.244 Accession
feet, patrickstour Tags
Mercury Title
1549-1551 (Renaissance) Period
27.312 Accession
mercury, feet, medici Tags
Pair of Feet
Pair of Feet Title
6th century BC (?) Period
23.161 Accession
feet Tags
Pair of Leather Sandals
Pair of Leather Sandals Title
1550-1307 BC (New Kingdom) Period
73.110 Accession
shoes, sandals, feet Tags
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu)
Relief with Winged Genius (Apkallu) Title
883-859 BCE (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.8 Accession
joseph, brummer, man, wings, stone, creature, genius, king, cuneiform, feet, shoes, pattern, assyrian, nimrud, genie, relief, assyria, beautysecrets, schoolofmagic, strikeapose Tags
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness Title
ca. 1620-1630 (Baroque) Period
37.1910 Accession
foreshortening, rule-breakers, titian, feet Tags
Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Mary Magdalene Title
ca. 1625-1635 (Baroque) Period
37.651 Accession
bare, feet, skull, thinking, tenebrism, skullsandbones Tags
Seated Statue of Nehy
Seated Statue of Nehy Title
ca. 1250-1230 BCE (New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty) Period
22.106 Accession
nehy, sculpture, lifesize, teacher, resource, kit, hair, braided, feet Tags
Sorrowing Adam
Sorrowing Adam Title
10th-11th century (Medieval) Period
71.296 Accession
feet, byzvir Tags
Vessel of a Bat Foot with Claws
Vessel of a Bat Foot with Claws Title
650-900 (Monte Albán IIIB-IV) Period
2006.15.3 Accession
feet Tags