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Bell with Bat / Animal Deity
Bell with Bat / Animal Deity Title
900-1500 (Late Intermediate) Period
57.2288 Accession
creature, instrument, jewelry, metal, metalwork, filigree, braid, braidwork, cat, feline, diety, tumbaga, precolumbian, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, southamerica, lostwax, lostwaxmethod, percussion, music, bell, gold, colombia, tairona Tags
Cat Title
ca. 280-180 BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
48.1563 Accession
cat, feline, cute, amazing, animals Tags
Feline Vessel
Feline Vessel Title
500 BC-AD 500 (Early Intermediate) Period
48.2835 Accession
creature, cat, feline Tags