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Goddess or Priestess
Goddess or Priestess Title
16th century BCE or early 20th century (Late Minoan or modern) Period
71.1090 Accession
test, 1350ce, snake, goddess, fertility, minoan, priestess, knossus, crete, ivory, gold, 16thcenturybc, fecundity, potniatheron Tags
Radha Title
16th century Period
54.2962 Accession
fertility, figure Tags
Statuette of an Indian Deity
Statuette of an Indian Deity Title
ca. 3rd century BC (pre-Mauryan) Period
25.52 Accession
sandy, hinton, terracotta, female, figurine, indian, deity, indiandeity, offering, fertility, naturegoddesses, charsada, charsadda Tags
Tell Halaf Figurine
Tell Halaf Figurine Title
6th millennium BCE (Chalcolithic) Period
48.2741 Accession
walters, oldest, item, voluptuous, body, halaf, snakes, fertility Tags