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Armor and Lance for Fighting on Horseback
Armor and Lance for Fighting on Horseback Title
Armor: ca. 1530; Lance: 17th century Period
VO.50 (51.1336, 51.578) Accession
armor, steel, wood, lance, horse, fight, swiss, german, sword Tags
Bear and Gladiator
Bear and Gladiator Title
ca. 1885-1890 Period
27.515 Accession
sculpture, terracotta, man, bear, animal, action, gladiator, fight, creature Tags
Eagle and Snake
Eagle and Snake Title
modeled ca. 1824-1826 Period
27.189 Accession
eagle, snake, animals, sculpture, fight, bronze Tags
Nike Title
ca. 500 BCE (Archaic) Period
54.608 Accession
fronatlism, goddess, frontalism, winged, nike, city, fight Tags
Two Women Wrestling
Two Women Wrestling Title
1675-1700 (Baroque) Period
54.647 Accession
girl, fight Tags