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"Alabastron" with Silver Case
"Alabastron" with Silver Case Title
1st century CE or modern (Roman Imperial or modern) Period
57.932 Accession
alabastron, beard, pan, roman, old-man, glass, gilt, case, silver, wizard-gandalf, fish, macedonia, slavic, slavonic Tags
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars
A Complete Set of Canopic Jars Title
ca. 900-800 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
VO.7 (41.171, 41.172, 41.173, 41.174) Accession
cat, library, squirrel, clay, fish, reconciliation, baboon, jackel, hawk, horus, anubis, teacher, resource, kit, mummy, organs, canopic, funerary, jars, mummification, human, falcon, canopicjars, egypt, afterlife, 11, dogsinart, blob, writer, osnap, chickens, bok, hi, duamatefa Tags
A Fishmonger's Shop
A Fishmonger's Shop Title
1873 Period
37.943 Accession
food, english, fish, dog, market, genre Tags
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.195 Accession
mountains, landscape, horse, arab, orientalism, camp, creature, teacher, resource, kit, morroccan, fish, algeria , other Tags
Angel Holding Two Infants
Angel Holding Two Infants Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1345 Accession
angel, children, baby, fish Tags
Ashinaga (Long Legs)
Ashinaga (Long Legs) Title
18th-19th century (Edo-Meiji) Period
71.848 Accession
fish, japan, netsuke Tags
Bird Plaque
Bird Plaque Title
AD 200-1520 (?) Period
71.1220 Accession
bone, peru, bird, fish, creature, tarascan Tags
Bowl Title
18th century (Early Modern) Period
57.791 Accession
bowl, eagle, fish, birds, animals, silver Tags
Bowl Mounted with Two Fish
Bowl Mounted with Two Fish Title
Bowl: 1730-1740; Fish: early 18th century; Mounts: 1745-1749 (Qing dynasty (1644-1911)) Period
49.2266 Accession
asia, blue, fish Tags
Carp Vase
Carp Vase Title
1878-1884 Period
47.384 Accession
fish, animal, vase, glass, creature Tags
Children's Orchestra
Children's Orchestra Title
1861 Period
37.1274 Accession
children, drawing, cute, music, intruments, singing, dogs, animals, creature, fish, baby Tags
Fish Plate
Fish Plate Title
mid-late 4th century BCE (Late Classical-early Hellenistic) Period
48.2766 Accession
fish, creature, plate Tags
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel
Floor Mosaic Fragment with Fish in a Roundel Title
2nd-3rd century (Roman) Period
43.19 Accession
dog, dogs, fish, water, cat, cats, cow, lamb, cows, lambs, sheep, baby, art, mom, body Tags
Incensario (Incense Burner)
Incensario (Incense Burner) Title
ca. 600- 900 (Late Classic) Period
48.2770 Accession
fish, cool, fun, micheal, reninstmed Tags
Nile Catfish Pendant
Nile Catfish Pendant Title
ca. 1985-1773 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty) Period
57.1072 Accession
fish, totem, creature, nile, pendant, catfish, amulet Tags
Plaque with Saint John the Baptist Preaching
Plaque with Saint John the Baptist Preaching Title
1550-1600 (Renaissance) Period
54.1044 Accession
dog, fish Tags
Ragini Bhairavi
Ragini Bhairavi Title
1600-1625 Period
W.875 Accession
painting, big, flowers, god, mushroom, fish, ragamala, temple, bird, lady, cool, awesome, power, indian, game, sea, beauty, nice, women, teatime, cold, strange, beautiful, cultural, vegetables, jellyfish, peace, bloody, islam, prettyish, kinglike, silent, song, pretty, spritual, kiss, take, back, pool, old, funny, raga, love, artifact, crawford, tea-party, viking, ragini, blood, dao, bee, good, art, tea, peaceful, colorful, bull, slave, nacket, fun, minemoues, work, water, tape, spring, dam, tree, war Tags
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile Title
ca. 1650 Period
W.887 Accession
awesome, clarisse, better, fish, god, ouch, ocean, creature, king, art, animals, bloody, sweet, giraffe, great, battle, beauty, elephant, amazing, touching, educational, imaginative, prettyish, scary, okay, cool, croc, love, sad, blood, war, danger, birds, worship, faithfull, pretty, miniature, colorful, sitting, creative, funny, beaked, attack, deathbattle, artifact, wow, tag, animal-attack, viking, knoing, indian, so_many_flowers, death, evil, flowers, butterfly, lion, masud Tags
Tilapia Fish
Tilapia Fish Title
ca. 1390-1295 BCE (New Kingdom, late Dynasty 18) Period
42.196 Accession
creature, fish, orange, yummy, just, perdson, care, bob, whatwasitmadeof, education, educational, thefish, whattoolsereused, phonewallpapers Tags
Tsuba with Basket of Fresh Seafood
Tsuba with Basket of Fresh Seafood Title
1755-1787 (Edo) Period
51.128 Accession
creature, lobster, fish Tags
Vessel in the Shape of a Fish
Vessel in the Shape of a Fish Title
ca. 1590-1600 (Renaissance) Period
41.92 Accession
fish, milan, sarachi, rockcrystal, seafever Tags
Wine Jar with Carp among Water Weeds and Lotuses
Wine Jar with Carp among Water Weeds and Lotuses Title
1521-1566 (Ming) Period
49.1917 Accession
china, jar, view, teacher, resource, kit, fish, wine, chineseporcelain2021, reninstasia Tags