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"Ludus Pro Patria"
"Ludus Pro Patria" Title
1883 Period
37.16 Accession
grace, 1883, aww, hope, france, picardy, athletics, thatch, spears, rural, romanticis, rabbitearslowered Tags
Book of Hours
Book of Hours Title
ca. 1430-1435, with additions ca. 1460 Period
W.168 Accession
typography, france, animated Tags
Casket with Scenes of Romances
Casket with Scenes of Romances Title
1330-1350 (Medieval) Period
71.264 Accession
lid, medieval, teacher, resource, kit, ivory, france, beautiful, romance, courtly, garden, tristan Tags
Coast near Villers
Coast near Villers Title
ca. 1859 Period
37.993 Accession
century, baskets, coast, france, gun, horses, painting, sand, sea, troyon, beach, ocean, seafever, msd4419 Tags
Going to the Well
Going to the Well Title
1817-1859 Period
37.133 Accession
water, well, woman, france Tags
Personal Seal
Personal Seal Title
ca. 1325-1350 (Medieval) Period
71.1162 Accession
ivory, silver, france, madonna Tags
Returning from the Fields
Returning from the Fields Title
1871 Period
37.58 Accession
century, agricultural, barefoot, breton, france, labourers, peasants, rural, women, romanticism, photorealism, barbizon, realism Tags
Saïd Abdullah of the Mayac, Kingdom of the Darfur (Sudan)
Saïd Abdullah of the Mayac, Kingdom of the Darfur (Sudan) Title
1848 Period
54.2664 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, nobility, noble, dignity, african, african-american, black, strong, wise, confident, hair, bronze, sculpture, cape, cloak, paris, france, queen, victoria, royalty, meninart, bain, memorytour, encountering, retratos, africanancestryineuropeanart Tags
The Children of Niobe Killed by Diana
The Children of Niobe Killed by Diana Title
n.d. Period
37.2786 Accession
children, delacroix, diana, drawing, france, legend, mythology, nude, sketch, apollo, artemis, leto, niobe, oil Tags
The Storm
The Storm Title
1872 Period
37.121 Accession
century, france, landscape, storm, moody, realism, landscapes Tags