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"Putti" Playing Piggy Back
"Putti" Playing Piggy Back Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
54.291 Accession
funny, gamesoflife Tags
Actor with Right Arm Extended
Actor with Right Arm Extended Title
ca. 1st century Period
54.746 Accession
funny, actor, bronze, roman, theater Tags
After the "Slap Up" Party of Last Night!
After the "Slap Up" Party of Last Night! Title
1825-1870 Period
37.2468.7 Accession
hung-over, drawing, american, funny, baltimore, yawn Tags
Chinese Boys on Hobby Horses
Chinese Boys on Hobby Horses Title
early-mid 19th century (Edo) Period
71.918 Accession
funny, netsuke Tags
Composite Armor for a Boy
Composite Armor for a Boy Title
1580-1620, with later additions Period
51.590 Accession
funny, 9fuxcjcicicig8fific Tags
Goat Title
mid-18th century (Edo) Period
71.840 Accession
creature, funny, netsuke, reninstasia Tags
Painted Fire Screen
Painted Fire Screen Title
1700 Period
37.2479 Accession
nudity, screen, acting, chinese, myth, basrelief, greekmythology, mythology, curtain, fireplace, decorativearts, drama, theatrical, theater, character, caricature, decorative, oilpainting, funny, rococo Tags
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady Title
ca. 1780-1789 (Baroque) Period
37.394 Accession
funny, retratos Tags
Portrait of Dr. Meer
Portrait of Dr. Meer Title
ca. 1795 Period
37.2778 Accession
man, portrait, skull, funny, anatomy Tags
Puppies under a Maple Branch
Puppies under a Maple Branch Title
ca. 1790 (Edo) Period
35.74 Accession
snow, scketch, lovely, leaves, hanging, japan, calm, playful, soft, sweet, adorable, long, red, tree, creature, edo, dogs, cute, pigs, sit, catching, without-movement, still, plain, realistic, amazing, puppies, awesome, siky, royal, silky, silly, cool, wolf, calming, feeding, aww, funny, love, black, white, farmer, super, pretty, party, creative, play, dance, fun, nude, epic, happy, painting, colorful, made, gods, creatures, greek, peaceful, inspiring, corn, simple, look, bears, baby, sketch Tags
Pyxis with Bust of a Dog
Pyxis with Bust of a Dog Title
4th century BC (Classical) Period
48.82 Accession
dog, creature, funny Tags
Ragini Bhairavi
Ragini Bhairavi Title
1600-1625 Period
W.875 Accession
painting, big, flowers, god, mushroom, fish, ragamala, temple, bird, lady, cool, awesome, power, indian, game, sea, beauty, nice, women, teatime, cold, strange, beautiful, cultural, vegetables, jellyfish, peace, bloody, islam, prettyish, kinglike, silent, song, pretty, spritual, kiss, take, back, pool, old, funny, raga, love, artifact, crawford, tea-party, viking, ragini, blood, dao, bee, good, art, tea, peaceful, colorful, bull, slave, nacket, fun, minemoues, work, water, tape, spring, dam, tree, war Tags
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile
The Elephant King Attacked by a Crocodile Title
ca. 1650 Period
W.887 Accession
awesome, clarisse, better, fish, god, ouch, ocean, creature, king, art, animals, bloody, sweet, giraffe, great, battle, beauty, elephant, amazing, touching, educational, imaginative, prettyish, scary, okay, cool, croc, love, sad, blood, war, danger, birds, worship, faithfull, pretty, miniature, colorful, sitting, creative, funny, beaked, attack, deathbattle, artifact, wow, tag, animal-attack, viking, knoing, indian, so_many_flowers, death, evil, flowers, butterfly, lion, masud Tags
Three Rats Eating a Fish Head
Three Rats Eating a Fish Head Title
18th-19th century (Edo-Meiji) Period
71.725 Accession
creature, netsuke, funny, rats, zodiacscavengerhunt Tags
Tokaido gojusan tsui
Tokaido gojusan tsui Title
ca. 1845-1846 (late Edo) Period
95.571 Accession
dinner, ouch, funny, turtle, comic Tags