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Bracelets from the Olbia Treasure
Bracelets from the Olbia Treasure Title
Elements: late 2nd century BCE; Setting: 1st century BCE (Hellenistic) Period
VO.59 (57.375, 57.376) Accession
crimea, gold, treasure, gems, bracelet, ivy_heart, discoveries602 Tags
Cup with Dragon Handles
Cup with Dragon Handles Title
12th-14th century Period
42.250 Accession
engraved, gems, precious, handles, cup, beautiful, dragon, chinese, jade, nephrite, chinese1127 Tags
Pendant Necklace
Pendant Necklace Title
ca. 1910-1915 Period
57.2168 Accession
tiffany, diamond, pendant, necklace, gems Tags
Shrine of Saint Amandus
Shrine of Saint Amandus Title
early 13th century, with later additions (Medieval) Period
53.9 Accession
gems, reliquary, skullsandbones, relic Tags