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A Fishmonger's Shop
A Fishmonger's Shop Title
1873 Period
37.943 Accession
food, english, fish, dog, market, genre Tags
A Glass of Lemonade
A Glass of Lemonade Title
ca. 1664 (Baroque) Period
37.341 Accession
genre, satiny, lemonade, drink Tags
An Accident
An Accident Title
1879 Period
37.49 Accession
accident, genre, painting, ouch, realism, cat, clock, shoes, blood, bloody, dark, tree Tags
Beggar Looking through His Hat
Beggar Looking through His Hat Title
ca. 1615 Period
37.2647 Accession
rule-breakers, genre, tempera, french, lorraine, canvas, sdesmv Tags
Brooch with a Landscape Scene
Brooch with a Landscape Scene Title
early 19th century Period
43.46 Accession
lanscape, waterfall, jewelry, pastoral, genre, tivoli, circular Tags
Brothel Title
1562 (Renaissance) Period
37.1784 Accession
beukelaer, drunk, flemish, oil, beer, genre, party Tags
Drawing Water
Drawing Water Title
1858 Period
37.199 Accession
water, woman, peasant, genre Tags
Dutch Interior
Dutch Interior Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.144 Accession
cat, animal, genre, dutch, kitchen, sleep Tags
Figaro's Shop
Figaro's Shop Title
1875 Period
37.4 Accession
century, music, guitar, genre, shop, words, rome, spanish, dogsinart, gamesoflife Tags
Girl Teasing a Cat
Girl Teasing a Cat Title
ca. 1630 (Baroque) Period
37.2659 Accession
genre, chiaroscuro, sensual, utrecht, cat, teasing, skin, naughty, tenebrism Tags
Grab Bag
Grab Bag Title
1861-1865 (?) Period
37.1614 Accession
children, drawing, genre, home, mother, sdesmv Tags
Interior of a Tavern
Interior of a Tavern Title
1867 Period
37.837 Accession
tavern, smoking, french, bonvin, genre Tags
Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior Title
1650-1670 (Baroque) Period
37.2809 Accession
sombre, genre, working, kitchen Tags
Mud Pies
Mud Pies Title
1873 (Modern) Period
37.21 Accession
play, children, pigs, animals, fun, mud, pies, genre, dusseldorf, gamesoflife, yearofthepig Tags
The Blind Beggar
The Blind Beggar Title
1856 Period
37.2761 Accession
charity, genre, sdesmv Tags
The Music Lesson
The Music Lesson Title
ca. 1760 (Baroque) Period
37.397 Accession
pietro, music, lesson, walters, dog, copper, genre, venetian Tags
The Waning Honeymoon
The Waning Honeymoon Title
1878 Period
37.129 Accession
sad, genre, erudition, dog, albany, english, dogsinart Tags