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Alms Title
19th century Period
37.1346 Accession
hope, girl, woman, drawing, watercolor, mother, baby, aww, love Tags
Breton Peasant Girl
Breton Peasant Girl Title
1909 Period
37.1221 Accession
drawing, girl, peasant, beautiful, wow Tags
Coiled-Dragon Vase
Coiled-Dragon Vase Title
1710-1722 Period
49.1125 Accession
dragon, dragontour, creature, cool, wow, common, green, girl Tags
First Disappointment
First Disappointment Title
1861 Period
28.11 Accession
century, marble, sculpture, child, peasant, girl, american, teacher, resource, kit Tags
Girl Drinking from a Bowl
Girl Drinking from a Bowl Title
ca. 1847 Period
37.1612 Accession
watercolor, drinking, girl, spoon, apron Tags
Girl in Confirmation Dress at Prayer
Girl in Confirmation Dress at Prayer Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1325 Accession
prayer, girl, watercolor, reading Tags
Girl in White Dress
Girl in White Dress Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1405 Accession
girl, prayer, white, blue, hat Tags
Girl with Birds Nest
Girl with Birds Nest Title
1862 Period
37.1593 Accession
girl, watercolor, basket, flowers, meditation Tags
Indian Girl (Sioux)
Indian Girl (Sioux) Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.22 Accession
indian, native, american, girl, watercolor, fire, dog, poor Tags
Indian Girl Reposing
Indian Girl Reposing Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.71 Accession
watercolor, indian, native, american, sleep, woman, girl, odalisque Tags
Interior with Mother and Daughter
Interior with Mother and Daughter Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1610 Accession
woman, child, girl, family, basket, sweet, drawing, mother, door, window, vase, table, baby Tags
Italian Girl
Italian Girl Title
after 1863 Period
37.91 Accession
girl, child, italian, food, life, woman Tags
Little Breton Peasant Girl
Little Breton Peasant Girl Title
1834 Period
37.1592 Accession
peasant, girl, child, watercolor Tags
Little Girl Dressing Her Little Brother
Little Girl Dressing Her Little Brother Title
ca. 1861 Period
37.1632 Accession
children, girl, boy, drawing, sweet Tags
Little Girl Drowsing Over Her Drawing (Portrait of Jennie Walters?)
Little Girl Drowsing Over Her Drawing (Portrait of Jennie Walters?) Title
1859 Period
37.1626 Accession
girl, child, drawing, sleep, cute, crying Tags
Little Girl in a Red Bonnet
Little Girl in a Red Bonnet Title
19th century Period
37.1562 Accession
girl, child, portrait Tags
Little Girl Reading
Little Girl Reading Title
1864 Period
37.1621 Accession
girl, child, reading, drawing, watercolor Tags
Little Shepherdess and Flocks
Little Shepherdess and Flocks Title
ca. 1867 (?) Period
37.1625 Accession
creature, sheep, landscape, animals, goat, dog, girl, shepherdess, watercolor Tags
Look Here Bub
Look Here Bub Title
1825-1870 Period
37.2468.15 Accession
children, play, girl, boy, toy, drawing Tags
Margot (Lefebvre) in Blue
Margot (Lefebvre) in Blue Title
1902 Period
37.303 Accession
girl, american, child, pastel, drawing, blue, impressionism, awesome, marycassatt, adorable, white, nice, happy, little, dress, light blue , discoveries602 Tags
Mother and Child in Church
Mother and Child in Church Title
1863 Period
37.1350 Accession
mother, child, church, drawing, family, girl, religion, sweet Tags
Mother and Child in Prayer
Mother and Child in Prayer Title
19th century Period
37.2578 Accession
mother, child, girl, prayer, drawing Tags
Mother Teaching Daughter Prayers
Mother Teaching Daughter Prayers Title
n.d. Period
37.1297 Accession
mother, daughter, girl, child, family, prayer, watercolor, religion Tags
Nike Title
first half 2nd century BCE (Hellenistic) Period
48.295 Accession
library, girl, jehova, angel, statue, nike, myrina, pretty, hercules, tigeratr, cool, mythical, puppy, sacajawaya, goddess, big Tags
Old Man Blessing a Girl Kneeling
Old Man Blessing a Girl Kneeling Title
1st half 19th century Period
37.1304 Accession
old, man, girl, family, watercolor Tags
Ophelia Title
1857 Period
37.2665 Accession
garland, girl, portrait, tragedy, wreath, ophelia, sad Tags
The Christian Martyr
The Christian Martyr Title
1868 Period
37.188 Accession
dead, drown, girl, water, turtle, poor, drowned, martyr Tags
Two Women Wrestling
Two Women Wrestling Title
1675-1700 (Baroque) Period
54.647 Accession
girl, fight Tags