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"Pilgrim Flask" with Mercury and Psyche
"Pilgrim Flask" with Mercury and Psyche Title
1530 (Renaissance) Period
48.1373 Accession
jesus, flask, italian, maiolica, pilgrim, mercury, psyche, glaze, tin , earthenware, provenience Tags
Bowl Title
ca. 1725-1750 (Ottoman) Period
48.1732 Accession
fritware, creature, turkish, painted, ceramic, glaze, bowl, colorful, kütahya, çini Tags
Camel Title
7th-8th century (T'ang) Period
49.2383 Accession
bat, camel, china, saddlebags, tiger, creature, teacher, resource, kit, teeth, humps, bactrain, chinese, earthenware, glaze, ceramics, new, cool, sancai, elephants, painted, airdryclay, tang, chineseporcelain2021 Tags
Faience Bowl
Faience Bowl Title
1550-1450 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
48.451 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, glaze, blue, pottery, faience, egypt, underfire, sdesmv Tags