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Bodhisattva Title
10th century Period
54.3026 Accession
amoghapasha, halo, arrows, bow, archery, sagittarius, buddha, cool, bodhisattva Tags
Bowl with Horsemen
Bowl with Horsemen Title
late 12th-early 13th century (Seljuq (?)) Period
48.1079 Accession
saints, halo, mogul, moslim, gods, ancestor, throne, china Tags
Madonna of the Candelabra
Madonna of the Candelabra Title
ca. 1513 (Renaissance) Period
37.484 Accession
baby, child, halo, madonna, mother, postcards, from, walters, usps, stamp, virgin, christmas, christ, teachersandstudents Tags
Plaque with the Virgin and Child
Plaque with the Virgin and Child Title
ca. 1500-1550 (Renaissance) Period
48.1315 Accession
italian, maiolica, plaque, targa, virgin, child, halo, sweet, renaissance, christian Tags