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"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief)
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief) Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.15 Accession
american, feather, indian, deerskin, necklace, watercolor, woman, native, earrings, headdress, beads, portrait, chief, nativeamerican, crow, aztec, jewelry, ivoryfigurines, ivory, encountering Tags
Battered Warrior (?) Figure
Battered Warrior (?) Figure Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.44 Accession
remojadas, veracruz, clay, ceramic, earthenware, ancient, americas, southamerica, mexico, headdress, face, sitting, sculpture, figure, man, warrior Tags
Bes Title
ca. 950-700 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
48.1604 Accession
dwarf, nude, headdress, crazy, ahhotep Tags
Expedition to Capture Wild Horses -Sioux
Expedition to Capture Wild Horses -Sioux Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.169 Accession
horses, watercolor, indian, native, american, grace, hope, aww, cool, arrow, tribe, wyoming, headdress Tags
Head of a Mourning Woman
Head of a Mourning Woman Title
15th century (Renaissance) Period
37.1707 Accession
transparent, headdress, tempera, oil Tags
Relief with Two Heroes
Relief with Two Heroes Title
10th-9th century BCE (Neo-Hittite/Hurritic) Period
21.18 Accession
myth, heroes, headdress, strikeapose, smvaw Tags
Saint Helena
Saint Helena Title
ca. 1575 (Renaissance) Period
37.1096 Accession
headdress, renaissance, mannerism Tags