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Aphrodite with Eros
Aphrodite with Eros Title
1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
23.101 Accession
headless, nude Tags
Ganesha Title
9th century Period
25.93 Accession
ganesha, fat, nose, elephant, stone, indian, sculpture, sandstone , headless, unusual Tags
Goddess (Yakshi)
Goddess (Yakshi) Title
ca. 100 CE (Kushan) Period
25.247 Accession
voluptuous, bihar, yakshi, headless, beautiful, goddess, sandstone, sculpture, indian, woman, reyes Tags
Headless Male Figure Wearing Kanaches
Headless Male Figure Wearing Kanaches Title
ca. 3000 BCE (Early Dynastic) Period
21.4 Accession
orginal, headless, really really old Tags