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"In Thee Rejoices," Feast Scenes, and Saints
"In Thee Rejoices," Feast Scenes, and Saints Title
17th century (Early Modern) Period
71.261 Accession
throne, heaven Tags
Allegory of the Element Earth
Allegory of the Element Earth Title
ca. 1580 (Renaissance) Period
37.2363 Accession
lion, monkey, rabbit, food, italy, dog, earth, heaven, eden, fruit, vegetables, bounty, thanksgiving, venetian, ecce homo pedro orrente, harvest, cat, carpet, dogsinart, visitors, msd4419 Tags
Dragon Title
4th-5th century (Six Dynasties) Period
49.2425 Accession
china, dragon, dragontour, teacher, resource, kit, dead, heaven, alex, qilin, chineseporcelain2021 Tags
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Title
ca. 1446-1447 (Renaissance) Period
37.429 Accession
naples, heaven, virgin-mary, notallbabies, maryvmq, renaissance Tags
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum Title
ca. 1250-1200 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
32.9 Accession
article, clothing, egypt, crystal sandoval, lady, look, egyptian, days, she, under, stand, name, loser, neither, wish, tell, nice, painting, stone, wow, beauty, pretty, bat, evil, devil, old, heaven, night, broken, musician, cool, writing, serious, ruler, awesome, heiroglyphics, oil, beer, nude, hay, play, animal, jam, user, cow, food, clothes, weirdo, strange, musical, instrument, clock, hope, art, original, pants, site, game, woman, women, love, greatness, flower, dream, beautiful, fragment, rock, profile, cleo, faded, clay, god, creepy, sideways, cloth, muddrawing, cute, huge, small, colorful, fragments, hair, moon, ancient, egyptain, religon, but, bright, spanish, french, sizes, couple, kiss, lovely, mud, warrior, wall-painting, peyton, joel, big_painting, vintage, oldtownroad, ancientegypt, phonewallpapers, stan_ten_lee, smvaw Tags
Zeus-Ammon Title
3rd-2nd century BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
54.984 Accession
heaven, bronze, pretty, old Tags