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A Deer Hunt
A Deer Hunt Title
ca. 1775 Period
W.854 Accession
creature, hunting, deer, sadness, goats, girlfriends, goat, forceful, sad, time, krishna, boobs, butts Tags
Dog in Rushes
Dog in Rushes Title
19th century Period
27.188 Accession
dog, animals, duck, marsh, hunting, sculpture, bronze Tags
Dog Pointing
Dog Pointing Title
19th century Period
27.34 Accession
dog, hunting, animal, bronze, sculpture, zander, tower Tags
Indians on the Trail
Indians on the Trail Title
Before 1878 Period
37.915 Accession
hunting, man, drawing, trees, trail, native, american, indian, pain, painful, tamohawk, tracking Tags
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I
Jeweled Gun of Sultan Mahmud I Title
Gun: 1732/33; Miquelet lock: 1861/62 (Ottoman) Period
51.84 Accession
gun, writing, pen, jewels, spoon, diamond, diamonds, sparkly, firearm, hunting, jeweled, bejeweled, tothehunt, price, armenian, discoveries602, pleasegetmoreculturalknowledgeonthis Tags
On the Desert
On the Desert Title
before 1867 Period
37.34 Accession
dog, animals, man, desert, gerome, orientalism, sand, storm, hunting, encountering, dogsinart Tags
Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington
Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington Title
1817 Period
37.41 Accession
century, teacher, resource, kit, dogs, hunting, jmwturner, turner, romanticism, memorytour, tothehunt, landscapes Tags
Wild Boar Hunt
Wild Boar Hunt Title
ca. 1675 Period
W.936 Accession
boar, hunting Tags