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Barrel-Shaped Cylinder Seal
Barrel-Shaped Cylinder Seal Title
ca. 2000-1850 BC (Isin-Larsa) Period
42.655 Accession
cylinder, seal, india, bead, person, fat, big Tags
Erotic Scene
Erotic Scene Title
1675-1700 Period
W.871 Accession
love, kamasutra, malwa, pregnant, india, mala, madhya, hindu, hinduism, 1675-1700 Tags
Five Poems (Quintet)
Five Poems (Quintet) Title
923-924 AH/AD 1517-1518 Period
W.606 Accession
india, khamsa, mughal Tags
Ganesha Title
1st half 11th century (Pala) Period
25.49 Accession
belly, dancing, elephant, god, hindu, sculpture, made, indian, religion, religious, statue, trunk, ganesha, bihar, lobby, holy, cow, ganesh, vinayak, bain, india Tags
Indian-style bowl
Indian-style bowl Title
1913 Period
57.967 Accession
india, bowl, gold, tiffany Tags
Kali Title
1800-1825 Period
W.891 Accession
lingam, india, kali Tags
Lady with Attendants
Lady with Attendants Title
ca. 1700 Period
W.878 Accession
nude, india, make-up, jewelry Tags
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus Title
ca. 190 CE (Roman Imperial) Period
23.31 Accession
spectacular, sculptures, satyr, giraffe, marble, lateantique, latin, rome, elephant, india, panther, bacchus, dionysus, lion, sarcophagus, snake, lizard, dionysian, skullsandbones, roman, putti, muerteyvida, bottomsup, notallbabies, amoresytraiciones, overthetop, discoveries602 Tags
Shiva and His Family
Shiva and His Family Title
early 19th century Period
W.907 Accession
kangra, india, gods, goddesses, shiva, parvati, ganesha, kumara Tags
Single Leaf of Two Young Men Riding a White Elephant
Single Leaf of Two Young Men Riding a White Elephant Title
early 11th century AH/AD 17th century (Mughal) Period
W.693 Accession
painting, mughal, india, paper , pigments, ink, riding, men, elephant, white Tags
The First Sermon and Buddha's Parinibbana
The First Sermon and Buddha's Parinibbana Title
early 20th century Period
2010.12.37 Accession
goddess, indian, india Tags