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Memorial Ring
Memorial Ring Title
ca. 1804-1805 Period
44.528 Accession
ring, pearls, enamel, gold, jewelry Tags
Monogram Ring
Monogram Ring Title
7th century (?) Period
54.2264 Accession
jewelry Tags
Nautical Ring
Nautical Ring Title
1893 Period
57.1123 Accession
gold, aquamarine, ring, jewelry, tiffany, mermaid, seafever Tags
Neck Ring
Neck Ring Title
late 9th-10th century (Medieval) Period
57.1599 Accession
viking, jewelry Tags
Necklace Title
mid 6th-7th century (Early Medieval) Period
47.596 Accession
wow, pin, jewelr, jewelry Tags
Necklace with Butterfly Pendant
Necklace with Butterfly Pendant Title
late 2nd-1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
57.386 Accession
butterfly, dramatic, gold, granulation, emerald, burial, necklace, greek, hellenistic, jewelry, underfire, smallobjects Tags
Necklace with Turquoise
Necklace with Turquoise Title
early 20th century Period
57.992 Accession
american, jewelry, necklace, turquoise, silver, pueblo, religion, christian, cross Tags
Neoclassical Brooch
Neoclassical Brooch Title
1840-1849 Period
41.270 Accession
neoclassical, brooch, jewelry Tags
One of a Pair of Pearl Bracelets with Hair Inlays
One of a Pair of Pearl Bracelets with Hair Inlays Title
1790-1810 Period
57.2196 Accession
pearl, enamel, gold, hair, bracelet, jewelry Tags
Openwork Ring
Openwork Ring Title
2nd half 18th century Period
57.1791 Accession
ring, jewelry, diamonds, gold Tags
Openwork Ring
Openwork Ring Title
1750-1800 Period
57.1788 Accession
ring, diamonds, gold, jewelry Tags
Orchid Comb
Orchid Comb Title
1903-1904 Period
57.936 Accession
orchid, flower, jewelry, comb, lalique, ivory, gold, enamel, diamonds, flowers, nouveau Tags
Owl Pendant
Owl Pendant Title
19th century Period
44.481 Accession
creature, owl, pendant, animal, jewelry, enamel, tourmaline, ruby, gold, diamond, pearl, goldstrapwork, baroquepearls Tags
Pair of Bracelets
Pair of Bracelets Title
early 5th century (Early Medieval) Period
VO.75 (57.1080, 57.1081) Accession
jewelry Tags
Pair of Earrings
Pair of Earrings Title
1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
VO.60 (57.382, 57.383) Accession
beautiful, jewelry, chains, triangular , bead-edged, greek, stones , gold, earrings, love Tags
Pair of Earrings with Flat Bar and Three Suspended Discs
Pair of Earrings with Flat Bar and Three Suspended Discs Title
800-1521 (Pre-Early Conquest) Period
VO.128 (57.351, 57.352) Accession
earrings, gold, jewelry Tags
Pansy Brooch
Pansy Brooch Title
ca. 1903 Period
57.943 Accession
lalique, brooch, jewelry, gold, glass, enamel, sapphire, pansy, flower, flowers, underfire, nouveau Tags
Penannular Brooch
Penannular Brooch Title
6th-7th century (Early Medieval) Period
54.2341 Accession
meninart, jewelry Tags
Pendant Cross
Pendant Cross Title
19th century (Modern) Period
57.2254.24 Accession
silver, jewelry, cross, 19th-century, pendant, ethiopia Tags
Pendant with Ariadne Deserted by Theseus
Pendant with Ariadne Deserted by Theseus Title
1500s Period
42.1176 Accession
pendant, jewelry, myth, gold Tags
Pendant with Shark and Snake
Pendant with Shark and Snake Title
800-1521 (Pre-Early Conquest) Period
57.285 Accession
panama, gold, pendant, jewelry, chiriqui, shark, snake, animal, pre-columbian, centralamerica, ancientamerica, ancientamericas, southamerica, necklace Tags
Pendant with the Goddess Diana
Pendant with the Goddess Diana Title
16th century with 19th century restorations Period
44.442 Accession
jewelry Tags
Pendant with the Virgin and Child Enthroned
Pendant with the Virgin and Child Enthroned Title
16th century; Mount: 19th century Period
44.263 Accession
jewel, jewelry Tags
Pin with Chain
Pin with Chain Title
10th century (Medieval) Period
57.1831 Accession
jewelry Tags
Polyhedral Beads
Polyhedral Beads Title
5th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.1746 Accession
jewelry Tags
Portrait of Miss Moffat
Portrait of Miss Moffat Title
1826 Period
37.72 Accession
jewelry, elegant, pearls, woman, retratos, phonewallpapers Tags
Ring Title
9th-10th century (Medieval) Period
57.1850 Accession
viking, jewelry Tags
Ring Title
4th century (Late Antique) Period
57.542 Accession
blue, jewelry, 4thcentury, beautiful, wing, byzantine, ring, gold, nice, phonewallpapers, byzvir Tags
Ring Brooch
Ring Brooch Title
9th century (Medieval) Period
54.2342 Accession
notuk, jewelry Tags
Ring with Reclining Ram
Ring with Reclining Ram Title
14th-13th century BCE Period
57.970 Accession
ram, ring, creature, syrian, animal, jewelry, electrum , gold, halaf Tags
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant
Sautoir with Pearl Pendant Title
1900-1910 Period
57.2034 Accession
tiffany, necklace, pearl, sautoir, jewelry, coral, conch Tags
Shoe Buckle
Shoe Buckle Title
4th-5th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.449 Accession
shoe, buckle, jewelry Tags
Silver Ring Brooch
Silver Ring Brooch Title
14th century (Gothic) Period
57.1990 Accession
jewelry Tags
Snake's Head Pendant with Necklace
Snake's Head Pendant with Necklace Title
1550-1185 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
42.356 Accession
egypt, jewelry, egyptian, roman Tags
Square-Headed Fibula
Square-Headed Fibula Title
late 6th century (Early Medieval) Period
54.2508 Accession
jewelry, fibulae Tags
Stirrup-Type Ring
Stirrup-Type Ring Title
13th century (Medieval) Period
57.1986 Accession
jewelry Tags
Thumb Ring
Thumb Ring Title
14th century (Medieval) Period
57.1989 Accession
jewelry Tags