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Lake Scene
Lake Scene Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.116 Accession
mountains, lake, water, watercolor, landscape Tags
Lake Scene - Wind River Mts.
Lake Scene - Wind River Mts. Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.146 Accession
lake, mountains, water, watercolor, american, landscape Tags
Lake Scene with River Mountain
Lake Scene with River Mountain Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.81 Accession
lake, river, mountains, water, watercolor, landscape, american Tags
Landscape Title
1840-1849 Period
37.174 Accession
landscape, sky, clouds Tags
Landscape Title
early 20th century Period
37.2603 Accession
landscape, trees Tags
Landscape Title
19th century Period
37.2622 Accession
landscape, trees, water, sky Tags
Landscape in Scotland
Landscape in Scotland Title
ca. 1878 Period
37.2625 Accession
landscape, scotland, mountains, sky, light, trees, romanticism, memorytour, landscapes, mac2019 Tags
Landscape of the Roman "Compagna"
Landscape of the Roman "Compagna" Title
ca. 1700-1740 (Baroque) Period
37.1143 Accession
landscape, romantic, flemish, roman Tags
Landscape with Bird and Weeds
Landscape with Bird and Weeds Title
1864 Period
37.1652 Accession
landscape, bird, animal, plants, watercolor, french Tags
Landscape with Bridge
Landscape with Bridge Title
ca. 1865-1870 Period
37.152 Accession
landscape, water, boat, bridge, sky Tags
Landscape with Buffalo
Landscape with Buffalo Title
ca. 1865-68 Period
37.1209 Accession
buffalo, animals, landscape, sky, storm Tags
Landscape with Canal
Landscape with Canal Title
ca. 1885-1890 Period
37.202 Accession
landscape, windmill, storm, sky Tags
Landscape with Gleaners
Landscape with Gleaners Title
early 1850s Period
37.35 Accession
landscape, field, sky Tags
Landscape with Mosque
Landscape with Mosque Title
19th century Period
37.96 Accession
mosque, landscape, architecture, trees, boats, water Tags
Landscape with Rocks
Landscape with Rocks Title
ca. 1860s Period
37.2083 Accession
drawing, landscape, deer, animals Tags
Landscape with Stone Bridge
Landscape with Stone Bridge Title
2nd half 19th century Period
37.1566 Accession
drawing, landscape, trees, bridge Tags
Landscape with Thistle and Weeds
Landscape with Thistle and Weeds Title
1864 Period
37.1520 Accession
watercolor, plants, landscape, bonvin, thistle Tags
Landscape with Waterfall and Figures
Landscape with Waterfall and Figures Title
1768 Period
37.2411 Accession
landscape, waterfall, bridge, tree, mountain, sky, romanticism, seascape, landscapes Tags
Landscape with Wild Flowers
Landscape with Wild Flowers Title
1864 Period
37.1653 Accession
watercolor, landscape, flowers, bonvin Tags
Landscape With Windmill
Landscape With Windmill Title
1812-1845 Period
37.180 Accession
landscape, windmill, sky Tags
Landscape, the Cascades of Tivoli
Landscape, the Cascades of Tivoli Title
mid 18th-early 19th century Period
37.565 Accession
landscape, mounatin, bridge, waterfall Tags
Large Encampment Nr the Cut Rocks
Large Encampment Nr the Cut Rocks Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.110 Accession
mountains, landscape, watercolor, american, native, indina, indian Tags
Large Plate with a Pastoral Scene
Large Plate with a Pastoral Scene Title
Ca. 1720 or ca. 1750-1775 (Baroque) Period
48.1759 Accession
plate, pastoral, dog, sheep, landscape, baroque Tags
Les Platanes en Hiver, Route de Nice
Les Platanes en Hiver, Route de Nice Title
n.d. Period
37.2423 Accession
drawing, landscape, trees, line Tags
Little Shepherdess and Flocks
Little Shepherdess and Flocks Title
ca. 1867 (?) Period
37.1625 Accession
creature, sheep, landscape, animals, goat, dog, girl, shepherdess, watercolor Tags
Liturgical Collar (Amiss)
Liturgical Collar (Amiss) Title
1774 (Early Modern) Period
83.333 Accession
landscape Tags
Man Walking on a Road
Man Walking on a Road Title
1890-1899 Period
37.2798 Accession
man, walking, landscape, drawing, gerome Tags
Medicine Circles
Medicine Circles Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.117 Accession
american, native, indian, watercolor, landscape Tags
Moonlight Title
1864 Period
37.1514 Accession
moon, night, watercolor, stars, landscape, plants, awesome, bonvin Tags
Moonlight Scene
Moonlight Scene Title
1864 Period
37.1512 Accession
moon, night, plants, landscape, watercolor, bonvin, etheric Tags
Morning in the Tropics
Morning in the Tropics Title
ca. 1858 Period
37.147 Accession
humidity, landscape, water, tropical, morning, teacher, resource, kit, romanticism, ecuador, american, landscapes, waltersfamily Tags
Mountain and River Scene
Mountain and River Scene Title
1859 Period
37.1558 Accession
mountain, river, landscape, trees, drawing, beautiful, american Tags
Near Chama No. 2, New Mexico
Near Chama No. 2, New Mexico Title
1970 Period
37.2514 Accession
american, artist, maryland, new, mexico, landscape, 1350ce, art, oil, moutains, realistic, simpl, simple, stupid Tags
Noon-day Rest
Noon-day Rest Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.139 Accession
sleeping, rest, native, american, indian, landscape, watercolor Tags
Nun in Prayer
Nun in Prayer Title
1884 Period
37.1306 Accession
nun, religion, woman, prayer, landscape, watercolor Tags
Nymph Title
1898 Period
38.170 Accession
american, watercolor, nude, woman, river, myth, nymph, landscape, wooded, young, bathing, ideal, miniature, ivory, ebony, wood, william, jacob, baer, painting, gorgeous Tags
On Reconnaissance
On Reconnaissance Title
1876 Period
37.2569 Accession
military, horses, weapons, landscape, mist, ophelia Tags
On the Potomac
On the Potomac Title
1850 Period
37.2539 Accession
landscape, local, mountains, trees, river, potomac, american, waterfall, seascapes, birches, ocean Tags
Our Camp
Our Camp Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.177 Accession
camp, horses, landscape, american, watercolor, indian, native Tags
Panorama with the Abduction of Helen Amidst the Wonders of the Ancient World
Panorama with the Abduction of Helen Amidst the Wonders of the Ancient World Title
1535 (Renaissance) Period
37.656 Accession
architecture, atmospheric, perspective, boat, story, landscape, helen, paris, slaves, ruins, abduction, seaside, queens, africanancestryineuropeanart, renaissance, mannerism Tags
Plate with Perseus and Andromeda
Plate with Perseus and Andromeda Title
ca. 1520-1535 (Renaissance) Period
48.1366 Accession
dragon, nude, blue, landscape, monster, dragontour Tags
Ploughing Scene
Ploughing Scene Title
1854 Period
37.836 Accession
century, agriculture, teacher, resource, kit, ox, farmer, invincible, landscape, ploughman, birds, haystacks, french, naturalism, animalsinart Tags
River Landscape with Mining
River Landscape with Mining Title
1620-1629 Period
37.1730 Accession
landscape, atmosphericperspective, dog Tags
River View with Fishermen
River View with Fishermen Title
1633 (Baroque) Period
37.351 Accession
tonalism, reflections, landscape, baroque, dutchgoldenage Tags
Ships at Sea
Ships at Sea Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.2499 Accession
seascape, mercantile, marine, ship, trade, storm, dutch, flags, sails, sky, landscape, clouds, sailing, sea, ocean, painting, oilpainting, netherlands, baroque, seafever Tags
The Beach at Fécamp
The Beach at Fécamp Title
1875 Period
37.2641 Accession
landscape, seafever Tags
The Catskills
The Catskills Title
1859 Period
37.122 Accession
abstract, landscape, transcendentialism, romantic, memorytour, nature, waltersfamily Tags
The Coming Storm; Early Spring
The Coming Storm; Early Spring Title
1874 Period
37.163 Accession
landscape, jesus Tags
The Evening Star
The Evening Star Title
1864 Period
37.154 Accession
landscape, barbizon, reflection, landscapes, teachersandstudents Tags
The Old Oak
The Old Oak Title
1845-1850 Period
37.61 Accession
landscape, landscapes Tags