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Finial with Two Felines
Finial with Two Felines Title
10th-8th century BCE (Iron Age) Period
54.115 Accession
luristan, finial, bronze, lions, iran Tags
Lion and Lioness
Lion and Lioness Title
19th century Period
27.89 Accession
lions, animals, sculpture, bronze Tags
Lion and Lioness Attacking a Wild Boar
Lion and Lioness Attacking a Wild Boar Title
modeled: ca. 1875; cast: after 1882 Period
54.2472 Accession
creature, lions, animals, death, eating, action, sculpture, bronze Tags
Lioness Game Piece
Lioness Game Piece Title
ca. 2850 BCE (Early Dynastic Period, late 1st-2nd dynasty) Period
71.623 Accession
lions, gamepiece, creature, games, gamesoflife, loyon Tags