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Acrobat Effigy Stirrup Spout Vessel
Acrobat Effigy Stirrup Spout Vessel Title
1200-500 BCE (Early Horizon-Early Intermediate) Period
2009.12.11 Accession
carved, effigy, acrobat, vessel, peru, ancient, americas, southamerica, sculpture, spout, chavin, clay, ceramic, earthenware, backbend, arch, moche, maya Tags
Dwarf Figurine
Dwarf Figurine Title
AD 550-850 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.36 Accession
maya Tags
Gourd-Shaped Bowl
Gourd-Shaped Bowl Title
450-650 CE (Middle Classic) Period
2009.20.274 Accession
shaped, gourd, bowl, maya, vessel, carved Tags
Incense Burner
Incense Burner Title
AD 350-500 (Middle Classic) Period
2009.20.192 Accession
teotihuacan , maya, ceramics, incense burner Tags
Lidded Tripod Vase with Jaguar Head Finial
Lidded Tripod Vase with Jaguar Head Finial Title
AD 300-600 (Early Classic) Period
48.2799 Accession
animal, beast, cat, jar, jaguar, maya, mayan Tags
Macuilxochitl (Aztec Deity)
Macuilxochitl (Aztec Deity) Title
1400-1520 Period
29.1 Accession
xochipilli, music, dance, deity, maya, gamesoflife, aztec Tags
Miniature Stela
Miniature Stela Title
810 CE Period
2009.20.196 Accession
mini, mayan, stela, classic, cool, maya, pop, awesome Tags
Skull Effigy Pendant
Skull Effigy Pendant Title
300 BCE - 100 CE (?) or possibly 20th century Period
2009.20.221 Accession
skull, death, scary, cute, awesome, maya, dead, piano, heartnose Tags