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Beach at Cape May
Beach at Cape May Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.2675 Accession
newjersey, american, beach, dog, men, drawing, insects, creature, mosquitoes Tags
Before the Race
Before the Race Title
1882-1884 Period
37.850 Accession
horse, horses, jockeys, impressionism, racing, creature, men, black, yellow, gamesoflife Tags
Car Man and Coal Heaver
Car Man and Coal Heaver Title
1848 Period
37.1497 Accession
watercolor, drawing, men, drinking, workers Tags
Four Figural Studies
Four Figural Studies Title
n.d. Period
37.2802 Accession
century, costume, drawing, french, historical, lines, meissonier, men, model, posing, prisoner, sketch, sword Tags
In the Trenches
In the Trenches Title
1874 Period
37.118 Accession
war, men, soldiers, snow, winter, death, guns, battle, resturant, perilousfight Tags
Irish Argument
Irish Argument Title
1825-1870 Period
37.2519.6 Accession
drawing, irish, american, men Tags
Man Talking To Sailors
Man Talking To Sailors Title
19th century Period
37.1271 Accession
man, sailors, drawing, men Tags
Market House Sketch
Market House Sketch Title
1825 Period
37.2468.11 Accession
men, drawing, nude Tags
Single Leaf of Two Young Men Riding a White Elephant
Single Leaf of Two Young Men Riding a White Elephant Title
early 11th century AH/AD 17th century (Mughal) Period
W.693 Accession
painting, mughal, india, paper , pigments, ink, riding, men, elephant, white Tags