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Amphora with Departure Scene
Amphora with Departure Scene Title
530-520 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.224 Accession
minoan Tags
Goddess or Priestess
Goddess or Priestess Title
16th century BCE or early 20th century (Late Minoan or modern) Period
71.1090 Accession
test, 1350ce, snake, goddess, fertility, minoan, priestess, knossus, crete, ivory, gold, 16thcenturybc, fecundity, potniatheron Tags
Pair of Bracelets with Antelope-Heads
Pair of Bracelets with Antelope-Heads Title
4th century BCE (Late Classical-early Hellenistic) Period
VO.89 (57.2021, 57.2022) Accession
mioan, minoan Tags