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A Stream in the Adirondacks
A Stream in the Adirondacks Title
1859 Period
37.103 Accession
hudson, river, landscape, stream, animals, deer, mountains, american, landscapes Tags
After the Storm
After the Storm Title
1833 Period
37.2661 Accession
storm, landscape, english, tree, mountains, dark, creature Tags
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains
An Encampment in the Atlas Mountains Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.195 Accession
mountains, landscape, horse, arab, orientalism, camp, creature, teacher, resource, kit, morroccan, fish, algeria , other Tags
Art and Liberty
Art and Liberty Title
1859 Period
37.78 Accession
music, violin, art, freedom, man, romantic, belgian, portrait, mountains Tags
Chapel in the Mountains
Chapel in the Mountains Title
1828 Period
37.1327 Accession
drawing, mountains, landscape, chapel, church Tags
Italian Landscape
Italian Landscape Title
ca. 1832 Period
37.1578 Accession
italian, landscape, drawing, castle, mountains Tags
Landscape in Scotland
Landscape in Scotland Title
ca. 1878 Period
37.2625 Accession
landscape, scotland, mountains, sky, light, trees, romanticism, memorytour, landscapes, mac2019, landscare Tags
On the Potomac
On the Potomac Title
1850 Period
37.2539 Accession
landscape, local, mountains, trees, river, potomac, american, waterfall, seascapes, birches, ocean Tags
Supper at Emmaus
Supper at Emmaus Title
1530-1540 (Renaissance) Period
37.610 Accession
eating, drinking, mountains, encountering, visitors, africanancestryineuropeanart, patrickstour Tags
View of Savoy
View of Savoy Title
1827 Period
37.2649 Accession
nature, mountains Tags