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Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Title
ca. 1862 Period
37.141 Accession
religion, woman, portrait, family, love, dress, mourning, memory, miniature, seduction, realism Tags
Portrait of Ginevra Aldrovandi Hercolani
Portrait of Ginevra Aldrovandi Hercolani Title
ca. 1595 (Renaissance) Period
37.1915 Accession
widow, mourning, portrait, invincible, loveandmarriage, female, renaissance, faithfulness, dogsinart, retratos, strikeapose, mannerism Tags
Statue of Nephthys
Statue of Nephthys Title
ca. 250-145 BCE (Ptolemaic) Period
22.255 Accession
egypt, mourning, nephthys, osiris, ptolemaic, seth, unicorns, amoresytraiciones, map Tags