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Allegorical Figure of Music
Allegorical Figure of Music Title
19th century Period
37.1230 Accession
allegory, music, drawing, woman, nuce, nude, instruments, violin, harp, horn, cymbals, organ Tags
Allegory of Hearing
Allegory of Hearing Title
1733-1745 Period
48.929 Accession
allegory, hearing, sound, music, lute, child, animal, deer, porcelain, woman, singing, rococo Tags
Amphora with Musical Scene
Amphora with Musical Scene Title
460-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2712 Accession
dionysus, greek, music, domestic, niobid, pottery, athens, women, amphora, re-figure, red-figure, italianpaintings, italian, barbiton, losthero, maenads, classical, severe, smvaw Tags
Ankh-ef-en-Sekhmet Entertained by a Harpist
Ankh-ef-en-Sekhmet Entertained by a Harpist Title
ca. 550-525 BCE (Late Period) Period
22.38 Accession
music, egyptiandeity Tags
Anthony Van Corlear
Anthony Van Corlear Title
1858 Period
37.101 Accession
music, trumpet, man, fat, jolly, oil, muttonchops, pudgepot, instrument, waltersfamily Tags
Anthropomorphic Tubular Duct Flute
Anthropomorphic Tubular Duct Flute Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.138 Accession
creature, figure, mexico, calima, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, flute, music, musical, instrument, mesoamerica Tags
Art and Liberty
Art and Liberty Title
1859 Period
37.78 Accession
music, violin, art, freedom, man, romantic, belgian, portrait, mountains Tags
Bashi-Bazouk Singing
Bashi-Bazouk Singing Title
1868 Period
37.883 Accession
orientalism, soldier, music, singing, french, gerome, musician, mandolin, raen, raven, other Tags
Bell Title
ca. 1105 (Sung) Period
54.2185 Accession
china, music, teacher, resource, kit, instrument Tags
Bell with Bat / Animal Deity
Bell with Bat / Animal Deity Title
900-1500 (Late Intermediate) Period
57.2288 Accession
creature, instrument, jewelry, metal, metalwork, filigree, braid, braidwork, cat, feline, diety, tumbaga, precolumbian, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, southamerica, lostwax, lostwaxmethod, percussion, music, bell, gold, colombia, tairona Tags
Children's Orchestra
Children's Orchestra Title
1861 Period
37.1274 Accession
children, drawing, cute, music, intruments, singing, dogs, animals, creature, fish, baby Tags
Dancing Girls
Dancing Girls Title
12th century AH/AD 18th century (Rajput) Period
W.710 Accession
dance, art, music Tags
Far o’er the Deep Blue Sea
Far o’er the Deep Blue Sea Title
1834 Period
93.50 Accession
print, american, song, music Tags
Figaro's Shop
Figaro's Shop Title
1875 Period
37.4 Accession
century, music, guitar, genre, shop, words, rome, spanish, dogsinart, gamesoflife, birdcage, dog, owl, chair Tags
Ibex Head Lyre Fragment
Ibex Head Lyre Fragment Title
ca. 1375-1100 BCE (New Kingdom) Period
61.270 Accession
creature, music Tags
Krishna Playing the Flute
Krishna Playing the Flute Title
15th century Period
54.3005 Accession
music, krishna Tags
Lute Player (Rembrandt van Rijn)
Lute Player (Rembrandt van Rijn) Title
ca. 1629 (Baroque) Period
37.2493 Accession
music, utrecht, texture, tenebrism, lute, leiden, dutchgoldenage, baroque Tags
Mace Title
ca. 1550 (Renaissance) Period
51.529 Accession
military, lutemusic, music, weapon Tags
Macuilxochitl (Aztec Deity)
Macuilxochitl (Aztec Deity) Title
1400-1520 Period
29.1 Accession
xochipilli, music, dance, deity, maya, gamesoflife, aztec, reninstae Tags
Mandolin-Shaped Watch
Mandolin-Shaped Watch Title
1830-1835 Period
58.34 Accession
mandolin, watch, music, instrument, clock, time Tags
Menat with the Heads of the Deities Shu and Tefnut
Menat with the Heads of the Deities Shu and Tefnut Title
664-380 BC (Late Period) Period
54.1515 Accession
creature, music Tags
Merry Company
Merry Company Title
ca. 1630 (Baroque) Period
37.707 Accession
merry, music, raffael, santi, frivolous, drinking, dog, flute, festive, bottomsup, 2020holidayinvite Tags
Merrymakers in an Inn
Merrymakers in an Inn Title
1630-1639 (Baroque) Period
37.1741 Accession
inn, music, red, dog, dancing, flirting, 2020holidayinvite, caravaggisti Tags
Naos-Sistrum with Bes-Shaped Handle
Naos-Sistrum with Bes-Shaped Handle Title
1st-2nd century (Roman) Period
54.493 Accession
music Tags
Nicolò Paganini (1784-1840)
Nicolò Paganini (1784-1840) Title
1834 Period
54.833 Accession
portrait, bronze, music Tags
Nymphs Listening to the Songs of Orpheus
Nymphs Listening to the Songs of Orpheus Title
1853 Period
37.37 Accession
nymph, myth, women, rest, music Tags
Odalisque Title
1842 Period
37.887 Accession
rebeccas, pick, odalisque, ingres, nude, woman, music, orientalism, erogenous, nudisim, beautiful, neoclassism, bain, encountering, other Tags
Peasant Wedding Dance
Peasant Wedding Dance Title
1607 (Baroque) Period
37.364 Accession
flemish, music, pieter, wedding, loveandmarriage, 2020holidayinvite, dance Tags
Power of Music
Power of Music Title
1852 (?) Period
37.134 Accession
music, romanticism, cafe concert Tags
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with a Musical Competition
Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora with a Musical Competition Title
ca. 500-485 BCE (Late Archaic) Period
48.2107 Accession
ancient, chicken, athena, herakles, music, red-figure, amphora, panathenaic, athens, greece, light, cool, gamesoflife Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors, womennude, reninst19 Tags
Sistrum Title
ca. 380-250 BCE (Late Period (30th dynasty)-early Ptolemaic Period) Period
54.1207 Accession
music Tags
Skyphos with Animal Frieze
Skyphos with Animal Frieze Title
early 6th century BCE (Early Archaic) Period
48.2028 Accession
terracotta, wine, horn, container, bucket, goose, flowerpower, music Tags
The Angelus
The Angelus Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.903 Accession
angelus, jean, millet, conté, drawing, wove, paper, crayon, painting, peasant, chailly, couple, dead, death, work, labor, farm, farming, line, hashing, black, gray, shades, horizon, music Tags
The Beaupré Antiphonary, vol. 2
The Beaupré Antiphonary, vol. 2 Title
1290 (Medieval) Period
W.760 Accession
crown, music, organ, banquet, choirbook Tags
The Music Lesson
The Music Lesson Title
ca. 1760 (Baroque) Period
37.397 Accession
pietro, music, lesson, walters, dog, copper, genre, venetian Tags
The Musician
The Musician Title
1884 Period
37.28 Accession
music, sarasate Tags
The Savoyard
The Savoyard Title
19th century Period
37.1584 Accession
music Tags
The Violinist
The Violinist Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.382 Accession
music, muse, utrecht Tags
Zoomorphic Effigy Whistle
Zoomorphic Effigy Whistle Title
1000-1550 Period
48.2851 Accession
whistle, music, instrument, creature, awesome, ouchbabeh, ouch, babeh, masud, faaruq, hnt Tags