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Bust of Fontenelle
Bust of Fontenelle Title
mid-late 18th century Period
27.503 Accession
bust, sculpture, marble, portrait, touchtour, rococo, neoclassicism Tags
Oedipus and the Sphinx
Oedipus and the Sphinx Title
1864 Period
37.9 Accession
century, creature, myth, sphinx, nude, man, riddle, neoclassicism, teacher, resource, kit, ingres, mythology, oedipus, woman, animal, gamesoflife Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors, womennude, reninst19 Tags
View of the Colosseum
View of the Colosseum Title
1747 (Baroque) Period
37.2367 Accession
colosseum, roman, ruins, italy, neoclassicism Tags